How Do I Access My @ME Email?

You could be having your @ME email and wondering How Do I Access My @ME Email? It is simple to gain entry to your email account. The email is accessible from any gadget, such as mobile phones like Android and iPhone and personal computers.

At the moment, you can’t register a new @Me email because is no longer in use, even after registration by Apple iCloud.

Step-by-Step Guide To Access My @ME Email Account

Your iCloud email addresses and aliases could have a choice of three alternative domains when you first registered the account: @me, @icloud, or @mac. Nevertheless, @iCloud is currently the only platform for creating aliases and addresses. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Sign in using your profile on a desktop and select the “Mail” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. If you’re on a smartphone, open your web browser and navigate to

You can use your @Me email address with an email client that supports IMAP / SMTP, such as Mailbird or Outlook if you have one and want to keep using it.

FAQs on @ME email Address

How can I get into my @ME email address?

Log in using your username and password to Manage your Apple ID (which should be the same as the one you use for You’ll be able to see if the iCloud account in question is available on that Apple ID.

Is Me.Com and iCloud Com the same thing?

They are both associated with the same account. Consider to be an alias for It’s only a change of name.

How can I import my email address into Outlook?

To include an iCloud email address to Outlook, navigate to File, then Add Account. Fill out your email information and hit the Connect button. Fill in your email, name, email, and passcode, then press Next. Type in your password repeatedly if required, then click OK. Complete if you want to use your email in Microsoft Outlook.

How can I get my iCloud email back?

Sign in to using your Apple ID. To read your iCloud messages, go to Mail. Choose Trash from the side to view your erased iCloud mail. To recover a deleted message, choose it and click the Move option.

How can I figure out what my iCloud passcode and email address are?

Choose Forgot password or Apple ID on the iCloud or Apple ID sign-in screen. If you enabled two-step authentication on your Apple ID, you need to input your Recovery Code. You may use an Account Recovery Address if you have lost your Recovery key and password; otherwise, you will have to create a new ID.

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