How Do I Access My Samsung Pass?

Nowadays, it’s hectic to enter a new and unique password again and again for a new website on which you are signing up. All secure websites require individual letters, including an Alphabet letter, a symbol, and more than eight characters.

Sometimes you may forget the password you made for your bank account and desperately need to transfer funds. That is the most stressful moment, and you don’t know what to do because so many unique passwords cause you to forget some important ones.

The security feature of Samsung called “Samsung Pass” is helpful to keep your passwords safe and used for logging-in conditions. But there is a question in your mind regarding how I can access my Samsung pass.

This article will teach you the easiest and most legit way to access your Samsun pass account.

So let’s move into the article to discover how to keep your unique password active with just one tap button.

What Is Samsung Pass? How Do I Access My Samsung Pass?

A built-in Samsung feature helps you use your biometric information on various websites, bank accounts, and apps, including iris, face unlock, and fingerprint. 

Samsung pass can only be used by Samsung users, not on any other brand. So, you must ensure first that you are using a Samsung brand smartphone to get benefits from this feature.

Your personal information, including phone number, address, and other details, can also be stored in this app. You may also call it a password manager because it helps you to log in to the apps and websites quickly.

Once you save your password on this app, you will not be asked to enter it again but tap to join the already saved input passwords. The enhanced bio-metric integration feature allows you to get rid of traditional ID and password details.

The only hurdle between you and this feature is you don’t know how to enable it. So, the step-by-step guide below will make you access your Samsung pass quickly and easily.

Steps To Access Samsung Pass

First, make sure you have a Samsung brand smartphone and then must have a working internet connection. Follow all the steps below to access this fantastic feature:

  • Open Mobile Settings
Open Mobile Settings. How Do I Access My Samsung Pass

Unlock your smartphone and then locate the settings. Open the Samsung mobile settings by tapping on the traditional gear logo.

  • Scroll Down And Locate Biometric And Security
How Do I Access My Samsung Pass

It would help if you located the biometric and security option in the main settings menu. You can find it by manually scrolling down or searching in the search bar at the screen’s top right corner.

  • Open Biometric And Security
Open Biometric And Security

Tap the biometric and security option to access your smartphone’s Samsung Pass. Before we go further, you need to remember one thing: your Samsung smartphone must have a fingerprint or biometric authentication system. Plus, the android version should be 8 or above.

  • Open Samsung Pass Option
Open Samsung Pass Option

Now in the biometric and security settings feature, you need to locate the Samsung pass and tap on it.

  • Tap On Continue Button
Tap On Continue Button. How Do I Access My Samsung Pass

If you haven’t already signed in, read the privacy and policies associated with this feature before continuing. After that, tap on the continue option.

  • Send an Email To your Samsung Registered Account To Verify
Send an Email To your Samsung Registered Account To Verify

You must have a registered Samsung account on your smartphone to use this feature. After continuing, you will be asked to verify yourself, which you can do by sending a verification email to your registered email. Then enter the password and get access to continue using Samsung pass security features.

FAQs On Samsung Pass

How Can You See Your Samsung Pass?

You can view your Samsung pass by following the steps below:
1. Open your Samsung smartphone settings
2. Find and open the biometric and security settings option
3. Open the Samsung pass
4. You may view your Samsung pass information if you have already registered with it

How Many Devices On Which Can I Use My Samsung Pass Account?

You can use your Samsung pass account on not more than 5 devices. When you enter your id and password on each device, your saved data will automatically sync. 
But to keep in mind that you must enter or register a new fingerprint on each device the first time.

Do You Need A Samsung Account To Use Samsung Pass?

Yes, you must have a registered Samsung account first to utilize the features of the Samsung pass. Registering a Samsung account with any of your email providers is free. Once you have it, no one can stop you from taking advantage of this Samsung pass.

How Much Secure Is Samsung Pass?

Samsung claims that their feature has an almost encrypted activity and that all your bio-metric data is unreachable. Your whole bio-metric data and other passwords save on the device and cannot be shared with someone. 
You must enter the key to provide your bio-metric identity while logging in to various apps and websites. 

How Do I Delete The Saved Website Information From Samsung Pass?

You need to follow the step below to delete saved information from various platforms using Samsung pass:
1. Open your Samsung mobile settings
2. Locate biometric and security options
3. Open the Samsung pass option
4. Open Samsung pass settings
5. Tap on the Web sign-in option
6. You may ask to sign in to the Samsung pass
7. Then delete your ID information from the required website


Samsung pass is a quick and secure way to log into websites where login information is required. The best thing is that it comes pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. 

The only thing you can say is the drawback of this app is only available to Samsung users; no other brand can avail of this feature. But if you are a Samsung user, it won’t be a problem.

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