How Do I Block Free Fire Game?

Select the “Add to Block List” option from the game’s menu to block the Free Fire game. This will prevent you from receiving any notifications or invitations to play the game. You can also block the game by adding it to your device’s blacklist. If you want to completely remove the game from your device, you will need to uninstall it.

FAQs On How Do I Block Free Fire Game

Can we prevent Free Fire?

 So, to completely block Free Fire, first, make an Application Filter with the action “Deny traffic to Free Fire.” Then, to stop the user from logging in to Free Fire, go to Web (on the left side of the Admin page) and within URL Groups. Create a new one, such as this:

How can the Free Fire game be removed?

How do I remove the Free Fire game from my computer? Just take it away. If you linked any of your social media accounts to your FF account, just unlink them to permanently destroy your gaming data (including your profile) (including your profile).

 Is Free Fire dangerous for kids to play?

Even though the violence in Free Fire is not gory, it is realistic. There is blood, and the players scream in pain as they fall to their deaths. People who play Free Fire can talk to strangers who might use bad language, be sexual predators, or steal information.

Does India have a law against Free Fire?

Yes, the Ministry of Home Affairs in India has banned Garena Free Fire and 53 other Chinese apps because of security and privacy concerns. But you can still get Free Fire Max from the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Is Free Fire in China against the law?

 Surprisingly, the developer of Garena Free Fire is not from China, and the game is based in Singapore.

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