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How do I block guest account on Windows 8?

Best Answer:
  1. Tap the Search window by pressing Windows+F hotkeys.
  2. Then input the guest account in the search bar.
  3. Finally.
  4. Choose Settings and select Turn guest account on or off.
  5. In the Manage Accounts window.
  6. Pick a Guest account.
  7. On the next screen, deselect Use a guest account to access this computer.

The guest account is a built-in feature in Windows 8 operating system. It allows users to sign into an unknown PC without leaving any trace of activities on the system. However, there are times when you need to block this feature — for example, when you have young children around and don’t want them to access the internet or your personal documents accidentally with the help of this built-in account.

Fortunately, disabling the guest account in Windows 8 is very easy. You just need to change some settings here and there, and unblock it whenever necessary! In this post, we will show how do you disable/block guest user account on Windows 8 computer step by step using both GUI (Graphical User Interface) method as well as the registry method.

Part 1: Disable/Block Guest Account in Windows 8 Using GUI (Graphical User Interface) Method

Step 1: Type “Control Panel” in Start Search and then press enter. It’ll open the Control Panel window. Alternatively, you can also directly open it by typing “control panel” in the search box present on the Start Screen and clicking on the same result.

Step 2: Once the Control Panel is launched, click on “Ease of Access Center” to access related settings. Then click on the “Change how your keyboard works” link given at the bottom under the Make it easier to type section as shown in the following image.

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Step 3: It’ll open a new window named “Make it easier to type”. Now, under the Set Up Keyboard section, click on the Change Keyboards link as shown in the following image.

Step 4: Then, click on the “Add” button to add another keyboard layout/option and select “Don’t know”. Click Next followed by Finish buttons. This will block guest account in Windows 8 operating system.

How do I disable the Windows guest account?

The Windows guest account is a special, non-administrative account that allows people to work with their PC without a password. It’s disabled from Windows by default but can be enabled for remote access purposes – which might pose serious security risks to your computer.

How do I disable the Windows guest account?

A) In Windows 8 and 8.1 you must change the Group Policy of Local Computer Policy as described in step 1 below. Newer versions of Windows 10 do not have any Group Policies that will allow you to disable the Guest Account (as it was removed).

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To disable the Windows guest account, do the following:

1. Open the Start Screen and type gpedit.MSC and press Enter on your keyboard. Note: to navigate directly to this utility, you can also use PC Settings, then go to Accounts (in Windows 10) or User Accounts (in Windows 8) then select “Sign-in options” (), click/tap on “Add or remove user accounts” under Related settings on the left side, double click/tap on Guest in the list of accounts and finally check (on – default) or uncheck (off) the option for each desired local guest account.


How do I disable the Guest account in Windows 8?

Click/tap on the User Accounts option in the Control Panel. Select the account you want to delete by clicking/tapping on it. Turn off guest accounts are disabled as shown below. That should be enough.

How do I disable the Windows guest account?

A dialog box asking whether you want to log in as a guest or change the password of your current user will appear. Select one of the two options before proceeding: Click Yes on the Guest Account? screen; or, If prompted, type your computer name and choose to Continue Anyway from the drop-down menu. 3. The Guest Properties window appears; go to the General tab and remove any checkmarks from the box labeled Account is disabled.

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How do I block users on Windows 8?

Select the Manage screen from the right-click menu of your My Network Places (CIFS) and click on Permissions. Select Allow or Deny access to a program in this window. From here, you can choose how much control each user has over other users’ files and folders. To add a program to your list, click Add new; then under Program data, select it from the drop-down menu. In the Confirm box, type Yes if you want to allow it or No if not wanted; then hit OK. Create a folder for every file that will be stored on the server using cPanel’s File Manager by clicking New Folder at Site Settings/File Manager page -> At Settings > Control Panel, locate and select

How do I disable guest mode?

Open the Datally app on your Android phone. Select Turn off guest mode from the drop-down menu. If you set a password, then type it in here.

Can the guest account be deleted?

If you’re logged in as a guest, go to Users and select Guest from the drop-down menu. The Guest folder will appear. Right-click it and choose Delete. Allow for the process to complete. Click Switch User, and the Guest account is completely removed from your Windows computer.