How Do I Bulk Delete Photos On Facebook?

How do I bulk delete photos on Facebook?

You want to delete photos from your Facebook account, but it can be a hassle. Deleting photos from your Facebook account takes more time than you would like, but you can also limit how many images you can delete at once. Well, then how do you bulk delete photos on Facebook? Stick with us to the end.

Our precious memories have been shared and delighted by everyone. It has been such a time when we have been exposed to so many things that it is hard to keep up with them. But as the year comes to an end, one question plagues every Facebook user’s mind “How do I bulk delete photos on Facebook?

You don’t need to worry about this because we are here to assist you in this matter. Our guidance will benefit you in more ways than you think.

You probably need to remove some old or unnecessary photos from your Facebook account but don’t know how. We will sort out all your problem by dictating you a step-by-step guide to deleting bulk pictures from Facebook.

You might also learn how to disable reels to Facebook to make it more efficient in daily life.

Let’s dig deeper inside the article to make sure you find your solution more understandably.

What Is Facebook, and How Do I Bulk Delete Photos On Facebook?

Facebook is a website and app where people can connect with friends, family & co-workers. They can share pictures, videos, and articles to share their thoughts or even listen to other people’s music or watch videos.

Individuals list personal information about themselves, such as what they do, where they are studying, and their ages. It can easily be accessed by friends & others with whom they might have more in common. It can help reach other users who might share similar interests.

Suppose you’ve ever had photos on your Facebook page that you want to delete and aren’t sure how then keep reading because we will tell you how you can delete photos on Facebook.

Steps To Delete Photos On Facebook

Facebook allows you to delete your photos or albums quickly. There are no complex steps in it. You need to follow some steps given below:

  1. Login To Your Profile
Steps To Delete Photos On Facebook

First of all, log in to your profile on your desktop, and on the home page, you will see your profile picture or logo on the top right corner click on it.

  1. Click On The Photos Option In Profile Menu
Click On The Photos Option In Profile Menu

After clicking on the profile picture, a new window will appear in which your main profile details and data are given. You need to click on the photos option below your profile’s cover picture.

  1. Click On Th Edit Button
Click On Th Edit Button

Now click on the edit button of the picture you want to delete in the top right corner of a photograph.

  1. Choose The Delete Photo Option
Choose The Delete Photo Option

Now a list of options will appear to choose the delete photo option. You can delete all the photos individually by this method, not all simultaneously, because Facebook doesn’t allow you to delete multiple pictures. 

But wait, there is another option given by Facebook to delete bulk photos at once that you might like. Check it out below!

  1. Choose Albums Option
Choose Albums Option

In the photos section, you will see an option of albums besides your photos; select it. There you will see multiple albums that you created other than profile albums. 

If you want to delete some selected pics, move them to a random folder by simple creation. Then click on the three dots option given on the top right corner of the album.

  1. Delete Selected Album
Delete Selected Album

When you click on the three dots button, a list of options will appear in which you will see the delete albums option through which you can process this process. 

A window will appear with yes or no options; when you click on yes, your bulk photos in an album on Facebook will be deleted permanently.


How Do I Delete Multiple Photos At Once On Facebook?

Facebook does not have a way to delete multiple photos at once, but you can remove them from an album. You can only delete the images you uploaded or belong to albums you created.

Does Facebook Allow You To Delete Mass Photos?

It’s frustrating that Facebook doesn’t provide a way to mass delete photos from your profile. You can either go through one photo at a time or delete entire albums, and this is for both desktop and mobile versions only.

How Do I Delete Multiple Photos On Facebook Mobile App?

We are here to show you how to delete multiple photos from your Facebook mobile app without the hassle. Follow these simple steps below, and you’ll be deleting those photos in no time:

1. Tap on the menu icon of Facebook in your mobile app
2. Tap on your profile name to move into the profile section
3. Choose the albums option given below the friend’s option
4. Choose the pictures you want to delete 
5. Click on the menu button when you open the photo and choose the delete option. You can delete single images one by one through this method.
6. To bulk delete photos, select the album and tap on the menu option of it
7. Choose the delete album option and tap on yes to delete the album with multiple photos

How Do You Delete Multiple Albums On Facebook?

You can delete multiple albums on Facebook by just clicking on the edit button of each album and choosing the delete album option by confirming yes. Your Facebook albums will be deleted permanently.

How Do I Delete All My Photos On Facebook 2022?

You can either delete all your photos one by one or by complete the album by clicking on the edit album option and selecting the delete album option.


As Facebook profiles are filled with pictures of friends, family, and colleagues, you can’t look through your old photos without getting lost in a sea of memories. But now, you can delete all of those photos that you don’t want anyone to see. 

You are now eligible to delete bulk photos on Facebook. The only thing you need to do is follow our guidelines given above and remove all the unnecessary photos from your Facebook profiles.

Our guidelines might be helpful for you, so kindly give your feedback so we will bring more helpful solutions for you.

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