How Do I Bypass Google Verification on My Lg Phone?

If you are trying to factory reset an LG phone, then you are sure to encounter the FRP feature, which, unless you verify yourself using the Google account linked to the LG phone, you will get stuck at the factory reset phase. If you have a similar problem, we got various tips to help bypass the Google verification on your LG phone. Read on to find out.

Understanding Google Lock on Lg Phone

LG is an Android phone, and it is subject to the factory reset protection (FRP) feature. To complete the factory reset process, you must pass the Google verification, which confirms that you own the Google account you want to factory reset. The problem is that the LG belongs to you, but you can’t verify your Google account. What then?

How Do I Bypass Google Verification on My Lg Phone

Don’t panic. There is a way you can bypass the Google verification on your LG phone. The obvious way is by entering your Google email and password that is linked to your LG phone. That will automatically verify you as the owner and pave the way for you to complete resetting your phone.  

Steps to ByPass Google Verification

If you can’t remember your Google password, then your best option is to use the bypass .apk using the steps below.

Note that you must have a good Wi-Fi connection for this to work.

  1. While factory resetting the phone and you reach the main screen, click the option for “Accessibility,” then tap on “Turn on Switch Access.”
How Do I Bypass Google Verification on My Lg Phone
  1. Under the settings, use the down-volume key to access the combo for Overview and click Ok.
  2. Navigate back to Accessibility and click the Vision option > Talkback. 
  3. Locate Settings and tap the Privacy Policy option
  4. Open your browser, enter the URL for the .apk file, and download it.
  5. Next, press the down volume key, enable Overview, and select Dual Window > File Manager.
  6. Navigate to Download and click on the .apk you download to install it.
  7. Open the installed app and under settings tap on General > Users > Add Users > Set Up User.
  8. Add a Google account that you will use.
  9. Sign in to the added Google account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  10. Go back to Settings, tap on Select Users > Owner, and click on YES to set the user you added as the owner.
  11. Still, locate Factory Data Reset on Settings and click the reset phone option.
  12. Lastly, tap the Delete All option and let the reset process run to completion.

Alternatively, you can consider using FRP bypassing apps online. Common examples include iMyFone LockWiper and Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Hopefully, you managed to Bypass Google Verification on your LG phone.

FAQs on Bypassing Google Verification on Phone

How Can I Reset My LG Without Password?

To reset your LG without a password requires you to hard reset the phone to its factory settings. For that, switch off the LG, then press the power button and the up-volume key simultaneously. Only release the power button when the LG logo appears on the screen. Next, immediately press the power button again, hold it, and release both when you see the factory reset option.

What Happens When I Hard Rest My LG Phone?

When you hard reset your LG, it will wipe everything and regain the factory setting. Ideally, it will be like buying a new phone that you must start from scratch, from your photos to installing the apps. However, if it’s your last option, you must factory reset the phone and source your data from backups.

What Apps Can I Use to Bypass Google Verification?

Some phones will require you to verify your Google account during factory resetting. While that is a good way of verifying your phone, it may be ineffective when you are the owner, but you can’t factory reset your phone until that happens. There are multiple apps to achieve that, and a Google search will display various apps you can use depending on their features. 

Why Am I Getting the Google Verification When Resetting My LG Phone?

Google assumes that most times someone is trying to factory a phone, they are likely to have stolen it. Therefore, to help add an extra protection layer, you must verify your Google account linked to your LG phone before completing the factory reset process. If you can’t verify your details, you will get locked out of the phone.

What Does FRP Mean?

FRP stands for factory reset protection, a feature provided by Android devices to keep intruders off your device. With the FRP, even after factory resetting your phone, someone must verify that they own the phone by accessing their Google account. Only then can you successfully factory reset an Android device.


Bypassing the Google verification on your LG is not an easy thing. The FRP is meant to protect your phone, but when you must bypass it, you have the option of using a bypass .apk file or looking for FRP bypass tools online. All the best.

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