How Do I Bypass Screen Time App?

Introducing your children to gadgets at a young age is better at making them equipped with knowledge. The benefit of devices is that parents can restrict them, enabling their young ones to manage their time well and focus on other things, as gadgets can be addictive. Screen Time is one of the applications that has made parents confident in giving their young ones gadgets because it allows them to restrict how long a kid can spend on the device and the apps they can access. But did you know children can bypass the Screen Time app? 

Six Ways to Bypass Screen Time App

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1. Use the Messages App

Screen Time limits the time one can spend on applications like YouTube. But did you know you can use the messages application to access YouTube without a time limit? Messages app allows iPhone users to access most YouTube videos, including inappropriate ones. However, if your parent has restricted YouTube from being accessed on your iPhone, this method may not work, but it is worth trying.

How Do I Bypass Screen Time App

2. Uninstall Some Applications and Reinstall Them

Another easy trick to bypass the Screen Time application is uninstalling and reinstalling the apps you want to use. Once you reinstall an application, the initial set restrictions get removed from the phone. Therefore, if there is an application you wish to use, uninstall it, then reinstall it and use it without restrictions. Also, it is essential to note the trick may fail to work when your phone is restricted from installing new applications.

3. Change Time

Most phones get set to update the time automatically, but that does not mean you cannot put your own time. Screen Time app may choose which time zone to use, and when you change the time zone and date, you fool the system, bypassing it. The method will only work when Screen Time has not disabled the option to change the date and time.

4. Steal The Screen Time Passcode

If the other methods fail to work, you can try to get the Screen Time passcode. iPhones have a screen recording feature that you can use to record the Passcode secretly. Once the Passcode gets recorded, you can use it to modify the restrictions from the Screen Time application.

5. Use Siri to Chat with Friends

If the messages application has been disabled, you can use Siri to chat with friends. You should check the applications on your iPhone and if Siri is not disabled, use it t communicate with friends without restrictions.

6. Use the Contact App

If your iPhone gets restricted from sending messages through the messages app, you can try using the contact app to send messages. The contacts app has the messages feature; when you click on it, you can send messages freely. However, if the contact app is restricted, you will not bypass Scree Time using this trick.

FAQs On How Do I Bypass Screen Time App

Can Screen Time App Be Bypassed?

Yes. Young ones can bypass Screen Time y using the many tips shared on online sources. Although the app is supposed to uphold restrictions, people have discovered bugs that they can use to bypass it and use their devices without restrictions. One way to bypass the screen time app is to change the Time Zone. Although phones update the time automatically, your child can trick it by manually changing the time, bypassing the application.

How Do I Prevent My Child from Bypassing Screen Time?

The easiest way of preventing your child from bypassing Screen Time is by talking to them. You can speak with your child and explain the importance of not bypassing the app. When a child gets convinced the restrictions are for their good, they will not go astray to bypass them. If that can’t work for your child, you may need to find ways to deal with the loopholes.

How Do I Reset the Screen Time Password?

You can recover the screen time password using third-party tools if you forget it. If you don’t want to recover it, you can navigate to the settings and reset it. Once you open Settings, click on Screen Time and choose to change the app’s Passcode. Now you can type in your Apple ID and the corresponding password, then choose to reset it. Choose a new password that you can easily remember.

How Do I Add More Screen Time for Apps?

Adding more time to use in apps is easy and can be done from the Screen Time application. Navigate to Settings and choose Screen Time. Find the App Limits section, select the app to which you will add more time, and hit the Next button. Once you have set the time, tap the add button to finish the steps.

How Do I Get the Screen Time App Password?

It is easy to get the screen time app by stealing it. You only need to use a secret camera that will record it. The screen recorder will record the screen even if it is in the background and recover it from the phone storage. 


Screen Time application is a better choice, making it easy for parents to restrict how their children use their gadgets. However, it is essential to note that loopholes have been established, and a kid can easily hack the Screen Time app and bypass the restrictions. If you are looking for the different methods children use to bypass the Screen Time app, this guide has explained them.

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