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How do I cancel cloud?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to Account Settings Subscription under the profile menu.
  2. Click Cancel My Subscription on your profile settings.

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How do you cancel an iCloud subscription?

Open Settings, select your name from the drop-down menu, and then iCloud Manage Storage or iCloud Storage. Select Change Storage Plan. On the next screen, click Downgrade Options and enter your Apple ID password. Change to a different plan if possible. Click Done when finished. Have you tried tapping Done?

Can you cancel cloud storage?
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Go to Google’s website. Click Cancel your current plan under Storage settings.

What happens if I cancel iCloud?

If you switch to a lower storage plan and there is more content than the storage space available, new photos and movies will not be uploaded to iCloud Photo Library, and your devices will cease backing up to iCloud. If you cancel your subscription or don’t renew it, you’ll be reverted back to 5GB of free storage.

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How do I remove it from the cloud?

Selecting and deleting your files from iCloud Drive is as simple as tapping a button. Select the items you want to remove and press Delete on your device. Open the iCloud Drive folder and look for Recently Deleted documents.

How do I stop iCloud from renewing?
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Open the Settings app and select your account name at the top of the screen. Select “iCloud.” Select “Manage Storage” from the Cloud storage bar. If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID and password.