How Do I Cancel My AT&T TV Service?

Sometimes too busy a schedule doesn’t allow you to watch TV at home. That becomes stressful when you receive a bill for a TV service that you hardly use twice or thrice a month. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do I Cancel My AT&T TV Service?

Now you have been so conscious about wasting your money on a TV service that is useless for you now. So, you might be wondering how I cancel my AT&T Tv service without being in any trouble. 

Multiple subscription services on the internet have not fully explained how you can cancel their plans. Some even don’t bother to put an option to cancel the subscription unless you contact them on their support.

Don’t worry! This article will teach you how to unsubscribe from AT&T Tv service without being charged extra.

So, let’s dig inside the article to explore the appropriate way to cancel an AT&T subscription.

What Is AT&T?

AT&T is the world’s number one largest telecommunication brand using its revenue based in the United States of America. The company is known for its cellular network services for fixed and other plans in the US.

You can also get services like direct Tv from AT&T with four different channel plans. These plans include all kinds of channels from worldwide, including sports, movies, news, scientific, drama, and many more.

AT&T also provides cloud storage for about 500 hours linked to DVR, which is quite impressive. You can also control their TV services with your voice, an integrated feature on their device. 

However, the charges of AT&T TV services are very high when compared to other similar services. That could be why you want to switch from this service to another to save some bucks.

How Do I Cancel My AT&T Tv Service?

After extensive research, we have made this step-by-step guide to provide you with the only legit way to cancel AT&T services. 

You may not get any response due to some unusual conditions while doing this process. There is also another way to do this, which we will discuss in the other section.

Steps To Cancel My AT&T Tv Service

You must follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience during unsubscribing from AT&T:

1. Open ATT’s Official Website

 Open ATT's Official Website

Open any browser on your PC, Laptop or MAC. Search for and pen the top website on your search engine. 

On the main home screen, you will see the support button at the top right corner of the screen. Please click on the support option.

2. Open Bill And Account Help

Open Bill And Account Help

In the support menu, you will have multiple options associated with AT&T services, including wireless, internet, and TV services. Select the bill and account option by clicking on the “bill and account help” button.

3. Choose Select And Cancel Services 

How Do I Cancel My ATT TV Service

In the billing help menu, choose “move, change, suspend and cancel services on the third number in the right corner. This option will inform you about making any changes to the services.

4. Choose Cancel And Suspend

Choose Cancel And Suspend

In this menu, a cancel and suspend option will be at the top of the solutions list. The possibilities themselves describe the service cancellation. Click on the “cancel & suspend” option.

5. Select Cancel Your TV

Select Cancel Your TV

Select the cancellation option with the TV and home phone services description in the suspending menu. Keep in mind this includes all direct TV and U-verse TV services. This option applies to both subscriptions.

6. Sign Into Your AT&T Account

Sign Into Your ATT Account

Now you will be redirected to a new sign-in window of your AT&T account. Enter your user ID details with your password and click the sign-in button. 

If you somehow forget your password due to infrequent usage, click on the forgot password. AT&T service providers will ask you for identification, and you can recover your account quickly.

7. Click On Cancel My Subscription

Click On Cancel My Subscription

Now after logging into your AT&T account, open account settings. Open the subscription or plan section, where you will see the cancel subscription option. 

Choose the TV plan you want to cancel and then continue the process. Click on the “cancel my subscription” button. 

8. Enter Details And Authorize Cancellation

Enter Details And Authorize Cancellation

A pop-up window will appear on the screen where you must enter all the account details. After entering, check the authorizing box and then click on subscription.

It will cancel your AT&T TV subscription plan, and you may receive a confirmation email. 

9. Call on 1-800-288-2020

If the above method won’t work in your case, then the only option you have left is to call their customer care services. Dial 1-800-288-2020 from our smartphone and talk with their customer care service provider. 

Tell them why you want to cancel it, and then they will ask you about some confidential details, including your password and user ID. After that, within 24-48 hours, your AT&T Tv services will disappear from your account.

FAQs On AT&T TV Services Account?

How Do I Cancel My AT&T Tv Services Online?

You can cancel your AT&T services online by following the steps below:
1. Open official website on any browser on your PC or laptop
2. Open the support section
3. Select the account and billing section and then cancel Tv services
4. Log in to your AT&T account by entering your user ID and password
5. Open account settings and locate subscription plans
6. Choose the plan you want to cancel
7. Click on cancel my subscription after entering the required information

Does AT&T Cut Any Account Termination Fees?

If you cancel your AT&T services earlier than a committed services timeline, you will have to pay an early termination fee. You can avoid this fee by withdrawing the services on the required timeline described by AT&T.

Can I Cancel My AT&T Tv Services By a Call?

If the online subscription method doesn’t work or you don’t have time, you can call 1-800-288-2020. It is the customer care services number, upon which you will be asked to provide the reason with some personal details to authorize the process.

Do I Have To Return The Remote To AT&T After Services Cancellation?

As per the rules and policy of AT&T, you must return the remote provided to you by AT&T upon registration. 
The remote is company property, and you must return it; otherwise, the company can take any required legal action against you, which is quite unfortunate.


Direct Tv services of AT&T are pretty impressive; however, there are many similar ones with lower rates and the same quality. That could be the reason to cancel your AT&T Tv service. The method for AT&T Tv services cancellation is briefly described above in this article if you might be looking for it. 

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