How Do I Cancel Starz on Amazon Prime?

Have you seen every episode of your Starz binge-worthy shows yet? Is Starz no longer your go-to channel for binge watching? Or you cannot handle the charges of Starz; that is why you wish to end the subscription? If yes, then no worries because you have chosen the right article. 

We understand your concern and are ready to help you in quick and easy ways. It is alright if you do not want to continue the subscription of Starz, you can quickly end it in natural ways. Let’s dive into the following details without wasting any other second. 

How Do I Cancel Starz on Amazon Prime?

People often get confused with cancelling the Starz subscription on Amazon prime. However, it is an easy and quick process that needs to be understood at once. In this article, you can learn to end or cancel the subscription of Starz on Amazon Prime from different devices. Let’s begin with the laptop or PC ways. 

Step 1- Open Browser

Open your web browser and type in the search bar. Hit the click on the search icon to begin the search for Amazon prime. The results will be in front of you in a couple of seconds. 

chrome url

Step 2- Go to Your Account

Click on the correct result from the suggestions in the search engines to open Amazon Prime. See for the option of “Accounts and list” and then log in to your Amazon account. 

amazon prime

Step 3- Select the Accounts 

You can see the option of “your Accounts” in the menu bar; click on Accounts.

How Do I Cancel Starz on Amazon Prime?

Step 4- Select Membership and Subscription

You can see the option of “Membership and Subscription” in the menu. Tap or click on it to open it. 

amazon membership and subscription

Step 5- Choose “Prime video Channels”

Under the membership and subscription option, you can see the option “Prime Video Channels.” Open the channels. You can find Starz under the list of channels you subscribed for. Now, click the button that says “Cancel Subscription” that shows up on your screen. 

A new window will pop-up asking if you are confirmed to cancel the Starz subscription; you need to hit the confirm option. Your Amazon Prime Starz subscription will be canceled, and with that, your account will no longer be charged automatically. 

amazon membership and subscription

That does not mean you cannot access the content from the channel. You can still use your account until the date of renewal arrives. The next date of Billings will end the services of Amazon Prime for you. 

How Do I Cancel Starz on Amazon Prime on Amazon App?

Does going through the website browser bother you? But can’t find a way to cancel your Starz subscription via the amazon app? Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel your Starz on amazon prime via the mobile app. You have to use the browser doesn’t matter how much it bothers you.


When will I be able to cancel my Starz subscription?

You can stop paying for the Starz channel at any time you want. It allows you to cancel it during the purchase, during the period of the free trial, or before the next billing date. No fees will be charged in the name of early termination or late termination while you cancel your Starz subscription. 

Is it possible to get refunded from Starz after I cancel it?

We are sorry because there is no refund policy. It does not work with Amazon when it comes to refunds after you cancel its channels. Nevertheless, you can still be refunded subscriptions from Starz if your next billing date is a month away. This applies only when you cancel the channel within a week of purchasing it. 

How expensive is the Starz channel subscription?

Starz costs depend on who you get it from. Depending on the service, it can be anywhere from $8 to $10. It will cost you about $9 if you subscribe to Starz through Amazon Prime Video.

Winding Up

You were looking for the answer to How Do I Cancel Starz on Amazon Prime? So here, we have provided you with complete guidance in small steps on different devices. You can choose your way to cancel the Starz subscription through Amazon Prime. 

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