How Do I Cancel Starzplay?

Starzplay subscriptions need you to make purchases and renew regularly. One method of canceling is to disable auto-renewal. You may terminate your Starz subscription in numerous ways, including email, online, and phone. Well, you may cancel your membership through a third-party provider or directly with Starz, based on how you first registered for the service.

You can also learn how to cancel Att tv service quickly and efficiently.

Step by Step Guide for How Do I Cancel Starzplay?

You can use your Android device to cancel your Starzplay subscription.

1. Go to your Play store App

play store application

2. Select the menu on the upper section of your screen.

select the menu option in Play store

3. On the next page, select Account.

select Account on Play store

4. Tap on Subscriptions on the list that’ll appear next.

Tap on Subscriptions on the list that’ll appear next.

5. A list of all your subscriptions will appear on the next page. Tap on Manage.

Tap on Manage

6. Manage subscription will present you with two options. Select Cancel subscription.

Select Cancel subscription.

If you registered on the Starz website, you could cancel your subscription.

1. Access your Starz profile.

2. Click on the gear symbol in the upper right section of your screen

3. Choose Subscriptions

4. Click Cancel my subscription.

Another option is through Fire TV/Amazon.

1. Navigate to your Amazon Store subscriptions page.

2. Select Actions next to your Starz membership.

3. Choose Turn off Auto-Renewal.

4. Review the modifications


Is it simple to unsubscribe from Starzplay?

You can terminate your subscription at any point and keep using the Service until the conclusion of your monthly period. To unsubscribe, go to the Service’s “Account Management” section and complete the cancellation procedures.

What is the price of Starz on Amazon Prime?

Getting the most fantastic streaming programming at the lowest cost should be one of your priorities. With this Starz bargain, Amazon is making things a little simpler. You can add Starz to your Prime subscription for $2.99 a month. The service typically costs $8.99 monthly.

Is Starzplay identical to Starz?

Starz is a subscription-based satellite and cable television company in the United States. Starz Play, in contrast, is the network’s official software that allows you to watch famous original television programs and films.

On Android, how can I handle subscriptions?

Select the profile icon in the upper right corner. Pay attention to Payments & Subscriptions. Select Manage beside the subscription you wish to discontinue. Tap Cancel subscription in the confirmation pop-up menu.

How can I see my subscriptions?

On your Android device, tap the ‘Play Store icon. Three horizontal lines represent the ‘Menu’ button in the upper left corner. It will lead you to a screen where you may select ‘Accounts of interest.’ Tap ‘Subscriptions’ to get a list of all services for which you paid.


Starzplay or Starz has given careful consideration to the diverse demands you may have. As a result, canceling them is also available for your convenience and offers premium membership to streaming platforms. Our solutions could be what you need to get rid of your Starz subscription.

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