How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone?

Since its rebranding, Weight Watchers, known as WW, has been considered the best app for exercise and diet plans. You can use this app to increase the weight of a healthy diet in your meals. In this article, we will talk about How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone?

Sometimes you gain too much weight due to bad habits of eating fast and oily foods. You somehow feel bad at some point when your health starts deteriorating. Your body starts telling you to change your diet or else you won’t be able to get on your feet again. 

Then you might get some help from the weight watchers app to plan your diet from their premium plan and get yourself out of that bulky weight situation. Now you don’t need that app because you lose the extra weight and fats on your body. But you don’t know how to cancel weight watchers on your iPhone.

This article will elaborate on different methods to cancel your Weight Watchers(WW) subscription anytime from your iPhone. To learn more, stick to this guide until the end. 

What Is Weight Watchers (WW)App?

Weight Watchers is an app built for people who want to regulate their diet routine throughout the week or month. 

You can add any food item to your diet, including vegetables, meat, fruits, and liquid. It helps you to distribute the required calories throughout the day on this app.

You can also get help from the nutritionist on this app by getting a premium monthly subscription plan. They can help you according to the situation and makes you plan better due to their nutrition experience.

But after some time, you may escape the danger of a high-weight situation. Due to multiple dietary plans applied to your body, you may better know how to plan your daily diet.

Now you want to avoid the extra expenses that this app might be cutting from your account due to a premium subscription. You must cancel the paid plan on your iPhone app to do that.

That is why we have brought you a step-by-step guide below to help you make sure you successfully unsubscribe from the weight watchers paid plan.

What are the Methods To Cancel Weight Watchers On iPhone?

There are several methods through which you can do this task. We will discuss some of the main techniques you can use on your iPhone. You must follow each step below to cancel weight watchers:

Method 1

  • Open Weight Watchers App On Your iPhone
How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone

Unlock your iPhone and locate the WW app in the main menu. Open the app by tapping on it. In the main app interface, you will see your account logo at the top right corner side of the screen. Tap on the account logo.

  • Open App Settings
Open App Settings

After tapping on the account logo, a new window will open with multiple details and options. You must select the settings logo at the right corner of the screen.

  • Choose Contact Customer Service
Choose Contact Customer Service

It would help if you chose the customer service option in the settings menu by tapping on it. In the other section, you must contact them by sending them an email. 

It would be best if you asked them to cancel your subscription plan because you don’t need it anymore. There is also a link that will direct you to the browser, tap on it.

  • Tap On the Cancellation Option
How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone

When you open the link given in the customer care guide, the account and billing section will open. There you will see the view cancellation options link. Please spread the link by tapping on it. 

In that link, you can easily cancel your subscription by following the instructions given by weight watchers.

Method 2

  • Open Your iPhone Settings
Open Your iPhone Settings

You must open your iPhone settings if the first method doesn’t work for you. Open the settings by locating it in the main menu by the unique gears sign and tap on it.

  • Open Your Apple ID
How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone

In the main settings menu, open your Apple ID given at the top of the list by tapping on it.

  • Tap On Payment And Shipping Option
Tap On Payment And Shipping Option

Now in the Apple ID menu, select the payment and shipping option by tapping on it.

  • Tap On View Apple ID
How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone

In this section, you need to tap on your Apple IDF, and a window will appear. Then you must select the View Apple ID option, which will lead you to account settings.

  • Tap On Subscriptions
Tap On Subscriptions

In the account settings menu, you must select the subscription option at the bottom section of the menu.

  • Tap On WW Active Subscription
How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers On My iPhone

In the subscription menu, you will have all your subscribed app details. You need to locate the weight watcher’s app in the active section and open it by tapping on it.

  • Hit On Cancel Free Trial Or Premium Plan
Hit On Cancel Free Trial Or Premium Plan

After opening the editing section, you will see the cancellation option at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the cancel and follow the instructions to cancel your trial or premium plan.

Method 3

Call On 800-651-6000: If all the above methods don’t work, you have the last option to contact their customer service number. You can call from your iPhone cellular network on the number 800-651-6000 and ask them to cancel your subscription anytime.

FAQs On Canceling Weight Watchers On My iPhone

How Do I Cancel The WW Membership On iOS?

You need to follow the steps below to cancel your Weight Watchers membership on iOS:
1. Please open your iPhone settings
2. Open your Apple ID given at the top of the list
3. Hit on your account, and you will have a new window with your account setting options
4. Select the subscriptions option
5. Choose WW active subscription
6. Tap on cancel plan, either it is a trial or premium

How To Cancel WW Membership From Browser?

You cancel your WW membership from the browser by following the steps mentioned below:
1. Open the WW website by typing
2. Click on the link and say the word “here.”
3. Follow the instructions and cancel your WW membership

How Do I Cancel Weight Watchers Membership Through Email on iOS?

If you want to cancel your WW subscription through email, then you must do the actions mentioned below:
1. Open your profile on the iPhone WW app
2. Open settings and tap on customer services
3. Choose to cancel your plan through email
4. Open the email and write a paragraph with concerned reasons
5. Wait to receive the confirmation mail within 72 hours
6. If WW customer care service doesn’t respond, then mail them again

Can I Cancel My Weight Watchers Via Phone?

Yes, you can cancel your weight watchers phone by dialing 800-651-6000. You need to press four while calling to ensure you are a member. 
After that, you must press five on your screen and then two. You will be directed to a customer care assistant, they will ask for some information to cancel your plan.


Weight Watchers is a great app when you need a perfect diet plan to lose all body fat. You can cancel your membership anytime you want.

You must care about the subscription timing because if you are still on trial and want to end, it does it at least one or two days before the premium subscription activation. It will save you the cost of the premium plan.

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