How Do I Change My Email Password On Virgin Media?

Virgin media has been one of the most reliable internet, television & telephone choices. You can enjoy top-notch services all within just one provider through virgin media. It even stores the recent shows, so you have to miss nothing. You can choose to change the Virgin Media email’s password if you feel it’s no longer secure. Let us tell you how. This article will guide you on How Do I Change My Email Password On Virgin Media?

Complete Guide to change Email Password on Virgin Media

In order to change the virgin media email password, you’ll have to follow the steps described below; you may proceed through a computer or app.

Step 1: Sign in to your Virgin Media account. You may be asked to give the email address you entered while registering and your email password.

Step 2: Select “My Profile,” this may also appear as “Manage Profiles” if you have more than one account. In that case, select the account which needs a change of password.

Step 3: Then go to the account’s settings; if the account you have chosen is the primary or only account, you’ll see an option saying, “Change to the right of the password of a primary account.” Click that to proceed, or if the concerned account is not primary, you’ll see “Change to the right of the password of a secondary account” instead.

Step 4: Then follow the prompts popping on the screen to change your virgin media email password. You’ll be asked to enter your old password again to be able to set up a new one.

Step 5: Finally, hit submit and log out to check if the process has worked for the account. Then log back in using the new password.

If you face any difficulties in any of the steps described above, contact customer care. And they will be able to help you solve it and change your email password. 

Changing email password on virgin media from a smartphone

If your interface of virgin media is different than the one discussed above, you may benefit from using the smartphone app.

Step 1: Log in to your account using the My Virgin Media App.

Step 2: Select “Account Settings” from the presented options, and a new set of menus will surface; choose “Email” to proceed.

Step 3: Find “Email Address,” after entering your registered email address, you’ll see the options to change your email address. Proceed as before to complete the process.

If you want to change or switch your email address, you can also do so from this option.

Retrieving account after forgetting email password

What if you had forgotten the old password altogether because it’s been too long since you last logged in manually? Fear not; we can get it back if you follow these simple steps,

Step 1: Enter your email information to log in. 

Step 2: When it redirects to the next page and asks for the password, choose “Forgotten your password” from below the dialog box.

Step 3: To confirm that it is you and not some hacker pretending to be you, Virgin Media will ask you a pre-determined security question. Answer that with the same uppercase and lowercase setting.

Step 4: After you clear that question successfully, the link to reset your password will be mailed to you. Go to your mail and follow the link to set a new password for your virgin media account.

Changing the password for NTL World is slightly different. You’ll have to go to “My Account” first and then select “Security.” Then follow the instruction shown on the screen, and there you have it! Don’t forget to reach out to the team of moderators if you face any issue you cannot solve on your own. 

FAQs On Virgin Media

 How to check emails on virgin media?

 First, log in to your account by entering your mail address and password. Click on “Emails” from the available options, and check your emails.

Can I use virgin media on the phone?

 Yes, you can use virgin media on a smartphone. Go to your phone’s respective app store, look up “My Virgin Media App,” and install it. Although there are compatibility issues, if your android isn’t Android 6 or a more upgraded version, the app won’t run; for iPhone, the lowest bar is iOS 12. After logging in, you can manage your account from wherever you are.

 Will my NTL World email also deactivate if I don’t renew my virgin media subscription?

Yes, eventually. The NTL World email is a safe and valid platform for the subscribers of virgin media. If clients leave the platform, they’ll also lose the right to their NTL World email. Although the clients will enjoy a safe period of 90 days, the account will be closed after. But between this time, the client may re-subscribe and claim back their email. 

Why should I choose Virgin Media?

Virgin media continues to be one of the most influential, customer-oriented, and of course, the largest broadband providers in England. They have come up with numerous guides and tutorials to make the platform more attractive and straightforward to customers. You can also choose from a wide range of packages suiting your needs and budget.

Final Take

Changing the Email Password on virgin media is something every account holder should do once in a while. You may do it to limit access to your account or to strengthen the account. So whichever the reason, we got 

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