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How do I change my home on Groupon?

Best Answer:
  1. By telling Groupon about places you frequent.
  2. You may get more discounts from businesses near you.
  3. Fill in the text box below with an address after selecting.
  4. Where Do You Want Your Deals?
  5. Choose what that place is to you by.
  6. Choosing the drop-down menu beside it.
  7. work or a favorite hang.

How to Change your Groupon Settings ?


How do I change my home location on Groupon?

Select Turn Off when asked if you want the Groupon app to have access to your location while you’re using it, always or only when needed. The most recent addresses you’ve entered may be viewed on the Search page under “Recent Places.” Simply tap one of the addresses to designate it as your current one.

How do I change my personal details on Groupon?
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To make any changes to your personal information, you must be signed in to our website. Then, go to your Account page. You can: – Change your name here.

How do I change a Groupon order?

After you’ve completed a purchase, you’ll need to obtain a refund for your order and then complete a new purchase for the chosen option. You may be able to request a refund by visiting Customer Support on the web or mobile app if your order is a Local deal and eligible for cancellation.

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How do I give my Groupon to someone else?

Click “Buy as a Gift” on the item or experience you wish to give as a present and go through the process via checkout. Then your gift may be sent by email or carried to yourself in person, or you can send it directly to the recipient. It’s that simple! Our gifting option is currently only accessible via the internet environment.

How can I cancel a Groupon order?
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Select Sign In from the drop-down menu. Select Sign In from the drop-down menu. Enter your login and password and then select Sign In. Select My Groupons, then View Details.