How Do I Change My Moonton Account On Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is one of the unique multiplayer online battle arena games in previous years. Moonton always brings new features whenever a new season comes. In this article, we’ll show you How Do I Change My Moonton Account On Mobile Legends.

You might get worried when someone tries to hack your Moonton account through your registered email. Then it would be best if you had assistance to teach you how to change your Moonton account on Mobile legends.

This article will teach you how quickly you can switch your Moonton account with simple steps. The method can vary time by time due to changes in privacy policies after Mobile Legends’ new updates.

So, let’s dig deeper inside the article to explore steps for Changing a Moonton account.

What Is Moonton? How Do I Change Moonton Account On Mobile Legends?

Moonton is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games developer with extremely high-quality games, including Mobile legends. 

Moonton’s headquarter is based in Shanghai, China, where they have substantial high-tech developers to provide always new updates for their users.

Mobile Legends now has over 500 million downloads on the Google Play store, a huge milestone. Very few apps on the play store achieve this milestone, and Mobile Legends is among them. 

There is always a negative side in the world that tries to put others’ lives full of tension. 

For example, jealous people always try to degrade you when you have a huge fan following on your game account due to your aggressive and impressive gameplay.

They can put your Moonton account on the dark web so someone can hack it. And you know that hackers can get through if your security on the account is weak.

So, if you want to keep your Mobile Legends progress safe, always use a secure email account. You might have invested years and money in building your account.

Steps To Change Moonton Account On Mobile Legends

We have given you a step-by-step guide that will allow you to change your Moonton account without being compromised.

You must follow each step below to keep yourself out of trouble while doing account switching process:

1. Open Mobile Legends

Open Mobile Legends

Unlock your smartphone and locate the Mobile Legends game in your main menu. After that, tap on the iconic Mobile legends logo with their marksman “Miya.” The 5v5 also shows on the ML logo, revealing the MOBA games category.

2. Tap On Your Profile Logo

Tap On Your Profile Logo

When your ML game opens, you will receive notifications about worldwide tournaments. After clearing all reports, you will see your profile logo on the top left corner of the screen. Tap on your profile logo inside the avatar border.

3. Tap On the Account option

Tap On the Account option

After tapping on the profile logo, your account features will open, including the history and battlefield stats. Tap on the account button at the bottom left side of the list on the screen.

All the third-party and Moonton-connected account details will open when you tap on the account. The account center option is given on the screen’s bottom right side. It would be best if you tapped on the account center option.

4. Tap On Change Email Address

Tap On Change Email Address

In the account center of Mobile Legends, you can change or remove multiple third-party accounts and Moonton accounts. Now tap on the change email address option in the manage account section.

When you tap on the change Email address option, a pop-up screen will open with a box to enter your email address.

5. Enter The Verification Code

How Do I Change My Moonton Account On Mobile Legends

A verification code will be sent to your Moonton registered account email address. What you have to do now is open your email address inbox and copy that verification code. Put that code in the box within the given time. 

If you put the code after the deadline, which is approximately 2 minutes, it won‎ work. So keep the time against the box in mind and execute the process.

6. Change Email Address

When you successfully verify the account security, the Moonton account window will open. You need to enter your new Email address, which you want to connect with your game progress. 

Make a new password for your account, and then follow the process to make a new email for Mobile Legends.

FAQs On Changing My Moonton Account On Mobile Legends

Can I Change My Moonton MLBB Account?

Yes, you can change your Moonton account on MLBB by following the steps below:
1. Open the Mobile Legends game on your smartphone
2. Tap on the avatar logo at the top left corner of the screen
3. Tap on the account option given in the list of options at the left side of the screen
4. Choose the account center feature on the right-screen side
5. Select the change email address
6. Enter the verification code from your current email inbox
7. Set a new email address with a password to synchronize the game progress

How Do I Change Third-Party Linked Accounts On Mobile Legends?

You can change any third-party account on ML, whether it is Facebook, VK, Google Play, or TikTok. You need to follow the steps below to execute this process:
1. Open the ML game on an iOS or Android device
2. Open the profile menu by tapping on the avatar logo
3. Open an account center
4. Tap on third-party disconnect account 
5. Choose any third-party app account which you want to remove

How Can You Logout From your Moonton Mobile Legends Account?

You can log out from your Moonton ML account by acting upon the steps given below:
1. Tap on your profile avatar at the top left corner of the screen
2. Choose the account center in the account menu
3. Tap on the switch account option
4. Choose the desired third-party account 
5. Now change Moonton’s email address to logout from ML

How Do I Disconnect All Connected Devices From My Mobile Legends Account?

You can disconnect all your connected devices with your Mobile Legends account. 
It will help if you open the profile icon at the top left screen corner. After that, choose the account center feature in the account settings menu. There you will need to select the disconnect all devices option.
You will be given 5 seconds to cancel or execute the process. After performing the strategy, all your game progress will reset.


Changing a Moonton account is easy, but you need to be careful because it could be vulnerable if your new email address has low-security points.

Moonton always brings a user-friendly interface for its fans. You don’t need to worry about losing any progress because Mobile Legends provides multiple third-party account options to sync progress.

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