How Do I change my Samsung Account on my Phone?

A Samsung account is essential to have, like Google accounts. If you want to purchase any application, the Samsung account enables you to do so quickly. If you changed your email or phone number, you might require to change your Samsung account credentials to ensure they match. In case you are thinking about how you will change your Samsung account on your phone. Then, continue reading this article for simple ways to achieve that. 

Simple Ways to Change Samsung Account on Phone

If you want to change your Samsung Account credentials on your phone, the following methods are the best.

Change Samsung Account Through the App

If you want to change Samsung account details like email or phone number, you can do so by using the Samsung app. 

  1. Open your Samsung Account on your phone.
  2. Go to the Settings section.
  3. Click on the Accounts option and click on your Samsung account.
  4. Click on the My Account Info, select the details you want to change regarding your account, and enter new ones.

Samsung uses two-step verification to confirm you are the account owner. And your Samsung account email or phone number will be changed successfully. 

How Do I change my Samsung Account on my Phone

Change Samsung Account by Deleting

Deleting your Samsung account is the best choice when you want to change all the details regarding your Samsung account. But you must be sure you want to continue with this method. Else, it will not be possible if you want to access important information regarding the Samsung account.

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Go to the Accounts option.
  3. Click on the Samsung account option. 
  4. Hit on the delete Account option.
  5. Change to a new Account by clicking on Add Account.
  6. Tap the Samsung account and follow the instructions to change to a new account.

FAQs On Samsung Account

Can I Change My Samsung Account?

Yes. It is possible to change any of the credentials of the Samsung account, provided you can verify you are the account owner. To verify you own the account, you need to access the initial email or phone number used to create the account. If it is the Samsung account email you want to change, have access to the prior email to confirm you are changing your account. Moreover, if you want to change all details associated with the account, the simplest trick is to delete the Samsung account and change to a new one.

How Do I Change my Samsung Account Email Address?

If you changed your email address and want to update it on your Samsung account, you can do so easily from your phone or a website. From your phone, navigate to your Samsung account and click on your Profile. Select the Profile info tab and choose your email at the top. Click on the change button, and enter a new email address. Confirm you want to change the email using your old email address to complete changing the email.

Is it Possible to Bypass 2-Step Verification or My Samsung Account?

No. The two-step verification is a security mechanism that is put in place to ensure your personal information is kept safe. Samsung must require two-step verification to ensure unauthorized parties are not accessing your account information. If you already set up the security feature and no longer have access to your email or phone number, it may not be possible to bypass it. 

How Do I Reset My Samsung Account If I Don’t Remember the Password?

The good news is that you can still change your Samsung account password without remembering the other password. To change the password, open the Samsung app and navigate the settings. Search the Accounts and backup option, select the Accounts tab, and select the Forgot password option. Two-step verification will enable you to set up a new password for your account.

What Will Happen After I Delete My Samsung Account?

Once you complete deleting your account, all the information will be deleted. Any purchase history you had in your account and other downloaded items will also be trashed. Before deleting your account, ensure you have access to all data you may need in the future. Moreover, you can visit the Samsung account age to see more data you will be limited to access after you delete your account.

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