How Do I Change My Xbox One Account From Child To Parent?

Xbox allows children to play games on the platform through a child account. The child account is for children under legal age and is linked with an adult account. So you can easily create an account for your child even if they’re under 18. So what happens to the child’s account? This article will discuss How Do I Change My Xbox One Account From Child To Parent?

Microsoft lets users promote their child account to an adult account when they enter the legal age. This article will take you through how to change your child’s Xbox Account account to an adult one.

Change Xbox One Account from Child to Parent

Xbox One has a child account, which limits the user to many features on the platform to make it a safe platform for them. The account is determined by different legal based on different regions. For example, in the US, the adult age is 18, so if you want to promote a child account, you can promote it after the child turns 18. Similarly, in Korea, the adult age is 20, so you can only promote a child account after 20. 

Child accounts are linked with adult Microsoft accounts; the adult can control the settings and restrict the features on the child account. After the child reaches adulthood, you can promote a child account to an adult account, removing all the restrictions from the child account. 

Here Are the Steps To change your Xbox One Child account to an adult account

  1. Sign in to the account you want to change in your Xbox One.
  2. Tap the Xbox button on your controller.
  3. Head over to settings from the right and then click on Account Management.
  4. On the Your Information option, Select Promote Child Account.
  5. Follow the instructions to promote your Child’s account successfully. 

You can only promote the Child account based on the date of birth provided during the account creation. Therefore, if you are thinking of changing the date of birth to promote the Child account to an adult account, you can’t do so.

If you have entered the wrong date of birth while creating the account, the only option is to delete the account and create another account with the correct date of birth. 

FAQs Child’s Xbox Account

How do Xbox family accounts work?

Xbox family account or group is an excellent way for parents and guardians to monitor their child’s gaming habits. It helps parents to help their children maintain a healthy gaming experience. The adult account will be the organizers in the family group who can manage the account and members of the group. In contrast, child and teen accounts will have limited permission which the organizers can set. Through family accounts, the parents will be able to set and restrict screen time, manage the child’s spending, and also will be able to review and respond the incoming requests. 

How to set a screen time limit on my Child’s Xbox account?

You can set a screen time limit on your Child’s Xbox account so that your child can only play games on their Xbox for a limited time. You can easily set the screen time limit from the Family section in your Microsoft account.
Head over to your account and navigate to the Family option. Find your child’s account and then click on Screen time. Enable Xbox screen time and set a daily screen time limit for your Child on their Xbox.

Can one Xbox Live account be used on two consoles?

Yes, you can use one Xbox live account from multiple consoles. You can even use the account on various devices simultaneously. But if you use your Xbox account on your friend’s or other people’s accounts, signing out after each use is always better. 
You can set up an additional console and a home console if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. This way, only the primary console, and a home console will be able to access the Gold membership.

Can you delete an Xbox Live account?

No, you cannot permanently delete your Xbox accounts. However, if you don’t want to use your Xbox account, you can remove it from your console and contact Xbox support to remove any information from the account. Likewise, if you no longer want to play from an account, you can create a new account and play your favorite. Xbox generally deletes inactive accounts from the system for more than ten years. 

How do you add Xbox friends on PS5?

You can’t add Xbox friends on PS5. No matter how much cross-playing the platform supports, you won’t be able to add friends, message, or invite your friend across the platform. When you open a cross-playing game, you can add friends from your in-game profile across the platform. Your gaming profile only will include your Playstation friends. But with your in-game profile, you can add friends from different platforms the game supports.

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