How Do I Clear My Google Purchase History?

Did you know that Google can track all purchases through your Gmail account? If you buy something and receive a confirmation via email, Google can track such records and add them to the purchase history. One may wonder why Google must collect all your purchase history information. Google aims to make its applications and services more useful to you. When they manage such information, they can use it to feed Google Assistant to make informed decisions in the time of need. Although Google promises that such information is only accessible when you access your account, you may wish to clear it. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do I Clear My Google Purchase History.

Steps to Clear Google Purchase History 

Clearing the Google Purchase history is easy when you know where to go. If you don’t want the details regarding your purchasing history to be removed on Google servers, perform the guidelines explained below:

  1. Go to the Google Purchase website. You must ensure you get logged in using the Gmail account that receives the purchase emails. If you have any purchases, they will get indicated on the page.
Go to the Google Purchase website
  1. Select a single purchase that you wish to clear from the history.
  2. Go to the bottom of the Google Purchase website page, and find the Remove purchase option, then select it.
How Do I Clear My Google Purchase History
  1. Once you select the remove purchase option, you will get asked to log in to your Gmail account to clear the purchase from there. 
  2. Tap the View email option from the pop-up notification to go to the email inbox.
Tap the View email option from the pop-up notification to go to the email inbox
  1. The email will get open up on Gmail. Find the delete can represented by a trash can and tap on it to delete the purchase history.

It may take more than 24 hours to a few days for Google to check your emails and update the purchase history page. Once removed from the email, it will get omitted from the Google Purchase history.

FAQs On Google Purchase History

Can I Clear All Google Purchase History at Once?

That is impossible if you wish to clear the Google Purchase History at once. Using the Google purchase history website, Google lets you remove the purchase history one record at a time. However, it is essential to note that the information can be accessed by you alone when you log into your account, and if you want the Google purchase history to remain empty, the trick is clearing your emails. You can delete all the emails involving payment of services provided you received by Gmail and clear the Google Purchase history.

Why Is Google Collecting My Purchase History?

Google only collects your purchase history to improve its applications and other services. If you receive an email regarding your airplane ticket, Google will keep such information and remind you when the airplane is ready to depart through Google Assistant. The main reason for collecting the data is to improve its services and serve its clients better. Moreover, the information gathered is only accessible by Google itself and yourself. You don’t have to worry about data privacy.

How Can I Access My Google Purchase History?

It is easy to access your Google Purchase history and see all the recent purchases by visiting the Google purchases page. Once you open the website page using your favorite browser, you will see all purchases organized according to the transaction date. The transactions will get arranged from the latest, and once you scroll downwards, you will see the earliest purchases you have ever made.

How Can I Prevent Google from Collecting My Purchase History?

There is no direct way of preventing Google from collecting your purchase history because Gmail is one of the products offered by Google. Google scans all the emails once they are received and collects the information by default. The only thing you can do is limit Google on how it can use the information it contains. To prevent Google from using your collected data about purchase history, go to the settings section on the Google purchase page. Under the private results tab, check the ‘Do not use private results” option.

Can I Stop Google from Deducting Money from My Credit Card?

You can stop Google from deducting more charges from your credit card by removing the payment details from Google. To achieve that, open the Google Play application and tap on the profile icon. Please go to payment and subscriptions and sign in. Once you are signed in, you can choose to edit the payment method, remove the payment, and then save the changes.

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