How Do I Deactivate My Banned PSN Account?

PlayStation Network (PSN)offers terms of use that its client must follow. When you create an account with PSN, a section requires you to mark that you have read all the terms and regulations and agree to them. If you breach any of the terms outlined by PSN, there is a high chance that they will suspend your account. After three suspensions, your account gets permanently banned, meaning you will not access any game or anything in the account. Violation of their terms leads to the cancellation of your license. Let’s dig deeper to know how to Deactivate the banned PSN account.

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PlayStation Network (PSN)offers terms of use that its client must follow.

How To deactivate a Banned PSN Account

PSN is strict regarding how users use the platform. If you mess around with the terms of use, they may end up banning your account, meaning you will get limited from accessing essential services of your account.

Once PSN bans your account, you cannot deactivate it. Therefore, you will get prevented from using your account until the ban gets lifted if it is a temporary ban. If your account is permanently banned, your chances of getting it back are close to zero. 

But instead of giving up, you can contact the support team, write a long letter explaining the situation, and promise never to repeat the mistake. However, this is not a guarantee that the support team will lift the ban because, in many cases, the decision to suspend your account is final. If you are lucky, the support team may help you gain access to your account.


Will PSN Tell Me When M Account is Suspended?

When PSN suspends your account, you will know when trying to access it. When you attempt to log into the PS console or account, you will get an error code. Moreover, in most cases, they send suspended users an email explaining the reason for the suspension and the period it will last. If you have not received the email, you can check the spam messages of the email connected to the account. Please contact customer support if you think your account is suspended but have not received a notification.

How Do I Appeal My PSN Suspension?

Before PSN suspends your account, the safety staff does a thorough investigation. Because an investigation gets done before an account gets suspended, their decision is final and cannot get appealed. The only case PSN allows you to appeal is when the account was suspended due to debt. If it is a debt, they will enable you to pay, and your account suspension gets lifted after the payment. Additionally, during a permanent suspension, you may appeal.

What Will Happen After My PSN Account is Suspended?

A suspension on your PSN account means you will not access it. Some products and services require you to access via the PSN account; once it gets suspended, your access is limited. Even if you had paid for some services, they would get limited because of not following the terms of use. If the console gets suspended, you will get limited from connecting PSN with any other account.

How Do I Cancel My PSN Subscriptions After I Am Suspended?

When your account gets suspended, some settings for canceling subscriptions and adding or removing payment methods are deactivated. However, that should not worry you because PSN will not take your payment for any subscription when the account gets suspended. You need to contact the support team if you must make changes to your subscription when you get suspended.

How Do I Deactivate a Banned PSN Account?

Unfortunately, there is no way users can deactivate a banned account. Once you are banned, all your account settings are deactivated, meaning you can barely do anything from the account. If it is a temporary ban, you must wait until it gets lifted. Moreover, if it is a permanent ban, the chances of deactivating it are minimal, but you can try sending a message to support and explain your issue.


There are many issues with getting a PSN account, and you can be a victim when you don’t follow the terms of use of PSN. But you can agree that it is better when the PSN account is banned than the console because that will mean you will start with buying a new PlayStation. If your account has been banned, read this guide to discover how to deal with the issue.

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