How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe?

Removing sensitive and essential messages is a part of our daily life mobile app usage. Whenever you continuously chat with friends in a group, you mistakenly send an inappropriate message you don’t want to send there. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe.

You know that moment. You go onto GroupMe, scroll down, and Oh no, it’s a message from a time when cheese wasn’t made from plastic. 

It was your condition when you were shocked to see the private message you were sending to your fiancé, but it is showing in your GroupMe chats. Just like in real life, people come and go on GroupMe.

Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn step-by-step instructions on how to delete messages in GroupMe.

So, let’s jump into the article to find out what you are looking for.

What is GroupMe?

GroupMe is a social media messaging app that allows you to chat with friends and family members in groups. The GroupMe app will enable you to make groups with more than two persons.

You can join this app by your cellular number using a simple v verification method of a coded message. GroupMe is an app of Microsoft Corporation.

GroupMe is not like WhatsApp, but group chats are more attractive due to its enhanced features. This app stands out in the Group messages feature among hundreds of messaging apps on Google.

Every app provides users with privacy features, including one of the essential message deletion options. Most users left using the messaging apps when they found out they didn’t have any messaging deletion option in that app.

GroupMe adds the same option in their app features to remove messages. You should have the right to delete the message you didn’t intend to send or mistakenly send in a chat.

How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe?

The step-by-step guide below is about the GroupMe messaging app and how you can delete a message in the chat. 

If you want to keep yourself away from friends taunting about that romantic message you were about to send to your fiancé, follow the guide below.

Steps To Delete GroupMe Messages

Please follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience:

  1. Open GroupMe App
Open GroupMe App

Unlock your smartphone and open the GroupMe messaging app. It could be either on your home screen or on the main menu. Please tap on the app to open it.

  1. Log In To The Account
Log In To The Account

Please login to the GroupMe app by putting your login credentials in the box. If you haven’t yet made an account, tap on signup and create a new account of your identity.

  1. Choose Any Signup Method 
How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe

Choose any signup method that is more suitable to you while logging in and is more convenient and safer. Tap on it and complete the registration process.

  1. Make A Group And Add Some Friends
How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe

Now, if you already have a group of friends, go further next step. If you don’t have any group made yet, then make a new group and add some friends with accounts on this app.

  1. Send The Messages
How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe

Now send some messages to the group members. For example, you have already sent some messages you want to delete now, so locate that message and tap on it.

  1. Tap On Hiding Message
Tap On Hiding Message

Now tap on the hide message option, which shows whenever you tap on a message and hold. Tap on that message, and the app will hide the chats. But unfortunately, it can’t be hidden on your friend’s side, so you must clear the conversation immediately.

  1. Locate And Tap On Clear Chat History
Locate And Tap On Clear Chat History

Now you must tap on the three dots button given in the chat menu at the top right corner of the screen. In the list of options, you must locate the clear chat history option and tap on it.

  1. Confirm The Clear Chat option
How Do I Delete A Message In GroupMe

AQ window will appear with a confirmation message, so you must confirm it by tapping on it, and then the app will clear all your group chats. 

One thing to remember here is that the GroupMe app doesn’t provide encrypted chats s o they can view your conversations anytime.

FAQs On GroupMe Messages

Why Can’t You Delete GroupMe Messages?

According to GroupMe privacy and policies, your chats are not end-to-end encrypted, so there is no option to delete them. Perhaps you have an opportunity to hide your discussion on the GroupMe app. 
But that will only happen on your side, so if you are looking for a way to delete the GroupMe messages, there isn’t one.

Does Hiding Make Your GroupMe Messages Delete From Others Side Too?

Some rumors that if you hide any message by tapping and holding and selecting the hide button will also hide on the other side. 
That is wrong because it will only hide from you, not from them. So be careful while chatting on GroupMe because once you send a message, it will be on all group members’ talk, and you cannot delete that unless the admin removes the group.

Can I Delete A GroupMe Chat Message?

Unfortunately, GroupMe doesn’t allow you to delete a chat message in the GroupMe app. The app algorithm only enables users to hide or remove chats but not permanently delete them from other members’ sides.

Can I See The Old Messages On GroupMe As A New Member?

Whenever a new member adds to the GroupMe app, he probably wants to see some old messages, but that’s not the rule of the app. 
Because you can only view the messages you received while present in the groups before entering and after leaving, so you cannot see any of the messages.

In the GroupMe app, you can’t delete any messages, but there is a way to stay away from controversy by deleting that group permanently through admin. 

You can only hide your messages in the group, but any group members can unhide that. 


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