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How do I delete all contacts from iCloud?

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  1. To combine your iPad’s contacts with those on your Mac.
  2. Use the iCloud option.
  3. Steven John/Business Insider Come to think of it.
  4. We don’t even need a photo for this one.
  5. You can also select multiple contacts at once and then delete.
  6. Them together as a group.

How to delete Multiple or all Contacts from Icloud


How do I select all Contacts in iCloud?
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Open iCloud.com and log in to your account. Select All from the drop-down menu to mark all of your contacts for export.

Can you delete all Contacts on iPhone at once?

Using the Contacts app, you may remove contacts on your iPhone one at a time. If you just want to erase one or more of your contacts, you’ll need to use iCloud. You may also delete your iPhone contact list if you want to sever ties permanently.

How do you delete Contacts from iCloud backup?
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Go to Settings > [your name] and select iCloud. Select Manage Storage > Backups. Choose the device for which you want to delete a backup. Delete the backup by tapping Delete Backup > Turn Off & Remove