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How do I delete an administrator account on Windows 10?

Best Answer:
  1. Remove the administrator account in Windows 10 Control Panel Open Win + X.
  2. Then Control Panel to access the Control Panel.
  3. Select “Manage another account” from the drop-down menu under User Accounts in the left-hand column of the Control Panel.
  4. In the right hand corner of this window, click Delete a user or group. Def

How To Delete Administrator Account In Windows 10


How can I delete administrator account?

On the bottom left, look for Users & Groups. … Select the padlock symbol. … Enter your password. … Choose an option from the drop-down menu and then tap Delete User on the right side.

How do I change the Administrator on Windows 10?
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On the Windows Start screen, type “control panel.” Then, under Settings, click it. … Select Accounts from the drop-down menu. Select Family & Other Users from the list. … Click on a user account under the Other users tab. Then pick Change Account Type from the drop-Down menu. In Change Account Type dropdown, choose

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What happens if I delete administrator account Windows 10?

Once logged in as an administrator, go to Control Panel and select Users from the left-hand menu. Select Remove a user account from the drop-down menu. If the person using the admin account first logs off of his computer, his account will not be deleted yet. Finally, choose Delete Account and Data. This will result in the user losing

Can I delete Microsoft account?

On the Start menu, click Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts. Select the account you want to delete and then Manage under Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts. Select Delete from this device. To finalize your choice, select Delete.

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How do I change the administrator on my HP laptop?

Select the user account you wish to modify in the Other users area on the Accounts window. Select Change Account Type. From the drop-down menu, choose Administrator, and then OK