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How do I delete an email account in Outlook 2016?

Best Answer:
  1. Select File from the top left corner of the Outlook window.
  2. Account Settings Account Settings.
  3. Select Remove after selecting the account you wish to remove.
  4. You’ll be warned that all offline cached material for this account will be deleted.

How To Delete an Email Account in Outlook 2016?


How do I remove an email account from Outlook?

Open the email account. Choose Menu (⋮) and Settings from the drop-down menu. Select the email you wish to remove. Continue scrolling to the bottom of the screen. Select Delete Account from the options presented. To confirm, click OK.

Why can I not remove an email account from Outlook?
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The Outlook data files are located under the Data Files tab of the Account Settings file. If your profile’s “default data file” is set to a PST file, you won’t be able to delete it until you create a new one as the “default.”

How do I delete a live email account?

Open Windows Live Mail. Select the “Delete account” option from right-click. Click on the “Yes” button in the confirmation window. Close down Windows Live Mail then restart your computer again.

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How do I remove a functional mailbox from Outlook 2016?

Select Account Settings, then Account Settings. Then click Change in the Email section. On the Advanced page, under Open these additional mailboxes, choose another person’s mailbox, and Remove.

How do I delete my email account from my computer?

Delete the account by following these steps: Delete Accounts from Settings. From the Start menu, go to the Settings icon. Account Management Select the account you want to remove and then Manage it. Delete Account After selecting Delete, click Yes or Continue on Windows 10. On Windows 7, choose to Remove a User in Control Panel Delete User Account.

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