How Do I Delete Boxbe?

Email users need seamless user experiences with their emails. Boxbe does just that. But sometimes, it can be problematic, making you want to delete it. And this may trigger your need for ways to erase it. We’ve outlined here how to delete Boxbe in easy steps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete Boxbe on PC

You can opt to delete your existing Boxbe account using the following steps:

  1. To begin, sign in to your Boxbe profile using the link:
How Do I Delete Boxbe
  1. Conversely, insert your email address when Boxbe sends you a passcode. You may now sign into your profile by entering that code.
You may now sign into your profile by entering that code
  1. After you have finished, the dashboard screen will appear next. Further, beneath the My Account menu, you can select the “Disable Account” option.
you can select the Disable Account option
  1. Additionally, it will display the “My Account” site on the lower section of your screen, requesting you to shut the confirmation text box. Input the word “yes” and hit the “Close Forever” option.
How Do I Delete Boxbe
  1. Your Boxbe account is no longer functional.

And you can delink from your Gmail and Yahoo as well.

Delink Boxbe from your Gmail

First and foremost, if you use a Gmail Email account,  disable IMAP services.

And it’s because Boxbe service attempts to route all of your e-mail communications through the IMAP mechanism. Here’s how to remove the application:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail-Boxbe account
Sign in to your Gmail-Boxbe account
  1. When you’ve signed into your Gmail account, head to the upper section of the page and tap on your Gmail icon to choose the “Google Account” alternative.
choose the Google Account alternative
  1. Then, click the “Sign-in & security” tab on your Gmail.
How Do I Delete Boxbe
  1. A display of a multitude of possibilities will appear. Slide down on your screen and look for the “Apps with access to your account” tab.
How Do I Delete Boxbe
  1. Then, under the Apps accessing your profile” option, selectMANAGE APPS.”
  1.  You should be able to access a list of 3rd party applications linked to your Gmail.
How Do I Delete Boxbe
  1. Check to see if the term “Boxbe” is present. If you happen to find it, select it
  1. Finally, press the “REMOVE ACCESS” option. And your email will become free of Boxbe.
How Do I Delete Boxbe

Delink Boxbe from your Yahoo

Log into the yahoo account associated with Boxbe.

After signing in, navigate the yahoo Recent activity site and select the yahoo link.

You’ll find the Boxbe name—tap the “Remove” link in the section indicating applications linked to your account.

FAQs on Boxbe Account

How do I deactivate Boxbe in Gmail?

Boxbe treats your e-mail as a priority,  offers a VIP auto-answering service, and reduces e-mail overload, among other things.  So navigate to My Account and log in. Scroll to the bottom till you reach applications that have account entries. Select manage app, then start by removing access.

What is the role of Boxbe in Gmail accounts?

Boxbe is a complimentary service that favors and filters private email for spam. You can choose which emails to receive and those to send to spam. It poses a challenge to the source and necessitates a human reaction.

Is Boxbe secure?

Despite complaints about the software, Boxbe isn’t a hoax. It performs as expected and does not charge you covertly. With Boxbe, there are no extra charges or time limits on termination.

What is the Boxbe connection?

Boxbe is a built-in email assistant that allows Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL subscribers to reduce and prioritize email saturation.

How do you install Boxbe?

Allow two-step verification in Google mail after registering for Boxbe Main. Navigate to Google’s two-step verification Setup to allow two-step verification. Then create software passcodes in Gmail and application passwords for Boxbe using the Google Application Password Generator. Finally, go back to the app and put the password.

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