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How do I delete contacts from Hotmail?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete contacts in Outlook.com
  2. Follow these steps.
  3. Log into Outlook.com
  4. Select the App launcher icon.
  5. Click People to view your list of friends.
  6. Select each person you want to remove.
  7. And then click Delete after clicking OK below for all of them.

How to delete contacts in Outlook


How do I edit my contact list in Hotmail?

choose that person by clicking on their name or check box… Click the Contact’s Name. View -> View > Select contact from the drop-down menu and click OK

How do I remove email address from Hotmail memory?
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Select People in the View Switcher. Select the contact whose email address you want to remove from the autocomplete list. … Edit Delete any outdated or unwanted addresses. Save It’s time to quit your job, so it’s time to hire an attorney and go through all of this paperwork with him/her!

Why can’t I delete an Outlook contact?
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To remove contacts from Outlook, you’ll need to provide your address book before choosing the entries you wish to delete and hitting “Delete.” You can’t remove contacts from Microsoft Exchange’s worldwide address book, but you may remove any new ones you create in Outlook.

How do I delete someone from my email contacts?
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Select the contacts you want to remove from your phone and check the box next to their names in the “Contacts” column. 5. Tap the three-vertical-dot symbol in the top right corner and choose “Delete” from the dropdown menu.

Can you permanently delete an email address?

On Android, you can also remove your email account using a web browser like Chrome, but a desktop is preferable.