How Do I Delete Google Play Music From My Android Phone?

Do you need more space on your Android phone? Are you not a music lover? Do you want to know how I delete Google play music from my Android phone? Then we have got your back. Deleting it from your Android phone is not a big deal. Let’s teach you the process of Deleting Google play music. 

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How Do I Delete Google Play Music From My Android Phone?

The Google play music service is no longer working, but its launcher is still on Android phones. What is the use of an app that does not work anymore but still takes up a lot of space from the internal storage? Long gone is the time when Google play music was available. You only needed to pay small subscription fees for google play music. 

In return, you could get access to everything and can listen to unlimited music, radio, podcasts, songs, and other musical stuff. Google play music used to give you a free trial period of 30 days. People used to check and test the Google play music before subscription but now something has changed for good.

Anyone who holds an Android phone would like to delete such an app that is of no use. Deleting Google play music will not take long because Google has launched an app update that will ultimately help remove Google play music from your Android device. Let’s start the process. 

Step 1- Check Update

Download the latest update of Google Play music that contains version 8.29.9112-1.W. You can download this newest version from the Google play store. If you cannot find the latest version of the application, then it means that the update has yet to be launched in your region. Keep on checking patiently for the latest update periodically; it will be available in your area eventually.

You can download this newest version from the Google play store.

Step 2- Open Google play music’s latest update

If you have downloaded the latest version of Google play music from the play store, open it. It will greet you with “Free up some space.” Note that this step will only happen if the latest Google Play Music update is available in your region.

Open Google play music's latest update

Step 3- Hide App

You will be given a few options in the Google play music updated version. One of the options will be the “Hide App.” Tap on this option if you want to hide the Google play music from your Android phone. The hide option will remove the app from your screen. 

the options will be the "Hide App
Tap on this option if you want to hide

Step 4- Delete Data

You can also permanently delete or permanently delete the local data of Google play music such as downloaded podcasts, music, Google playlists, albums, etc. Whatever form of music is saved on your phone will be deleted permanently as soon as you hit the option of “Delete Local Data.” 

you hit the option of "Delete Local Data."

Remember that you have to delete local data first and then hide the app of Google play music. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to delete any musical data from your phone. As soon as you tap on the hidden app, Google plays music app will be closed permanently on your Android phone. Deleting data will result in the erasing of information. The information could be from virtual payment cards, transit cards, and other cards you saved to Google.


Can we uninstall Google play music on our android phones?

Yes, you can uninstall Google play music from your Android phone, like any other app, if your device contains “YouTube music preloaded.” Otherwise, it will be difficult to delete Google play music from your Android phone. 

How can I cancel the Google play music by the Android app?

Go to the app of Google play music, and then tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner to open the menu. Find settings in the menu list and then tap on cancel subscription inside the settings. This will help you to cancel Google play music on your Android device. You can also use the same method on your computer.

How do I delete my entire Google play music library?

Open the Google play store and tap on the section of my apps. Choose your devices and select any app that you want to delete. You can see an icon of a trashcan next to every app; tap on the trashcan of any app to delete it. Cross verifies to uninstall the app, and it will be deleted.

What happens if I clear the data on Google play music?

If you delete or clear the data on Google play music, it will delete the information saved on your device. 

How much is a Google okay music subscription?

The Google play music subscription will cost you around $9.99 monthly. 

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