How Do I Delete History On Reddit App?

Reddit is getting more and more popular with time, and around 430 million people use it monthly from all around the world. Are you a fan of this social news website? Are you thinking about how to delete the history on the Reddit app for personal reasons? If yes, then we have got your back as always. You can learn to delete the Reddit history from this article.

How Do I Delete History On Reddit App Manually?

We have a solution if you are looking for a way to delete your Reddit history manually. You can delete your history with the help of the following steps:

Step 1- Open your Reddit App

Open the Reddit App in your browser. You will see the three dots leading to the Reddit menu. Click on these three dots on your screen. 

Reddit feed screen

Step 2- Select Settings

Now in the Menu, you will see the option for settings. Tap or click on the settings option. 

Reddit settings  menu

Step 3- Choose Privacy.

You can see the sections for privacy in the settings menu. Click or tap on the privacy option to open it. This will lead you to your other process. 

Reddit menu privacy policy

Step 4- Find Security

In the privacy section, you need to look for the security section. The history of your Reddit app lies in the security section. Find the option for security first in the privacy section. 

Reddit setting safety and privacy

Step 5- Look for History

When you find the security section, tap on it to open the section, and you can see the option for history in it. This is it; you have found what you were looking for. Select it to delete the history from your Reddit app. 

Reddit privacy and security to clear browsing data

Step 6- Delete history.

In the history section, you will see the sites you have visited over time. Now select Reddit and then delete the history. You can also delete all other sites that you have visited. You can also apply this process if you use Reddit from an Android phone. 

Reddit browsing history  data deletion

How Do I Delete History On Reddit App On Android?

This is another method to delete your Reddit app history from your device. This method is supposed as the most accessible and quick method to delete Reddit history. You can see the options provided below to delete your Reddit history. 

Step 1- Open the Reddit App

First, you need to open the Reddit app you have installed on your phone. You can see the settings gear icon at the top right of your screen. Tap on it. 

Reddit  APP homepage

Step 2- Open my Profile

When you enter the settings Menu from that gear icon, you can see one option that says “My profile.” Select that option.

Reddit my profile menu

Step 3- Go To History And Cache.

You can see several options now that you have entered your Reddit profile menu. You need to focus on History and Cache. Look for this option so that you can delete the required history that you want. 

Reddit profile history

Step 4- Delete History

In the section of history and cache, you can see “Delete all my activity Data.” Click on it if you are sure to delete entire history. Make sure that this is the detailed history you want to delete because if you delete the history once, you cannot recover the deleted content. 

Reddit app clear history

Step 5- Confirm Delete

When you select the delete option of your Reddit history, one pop-up will appear on your screen. This Pop up will ask you, to confirm if you want to delete your history. tap on okay if you are ready to delete your Reddit history. 

Reddit delete history confirmation

How Do I Delete History On Reddit App On iPhone?

we also have tips for iPhone users that will help you in deleting your Reddit history. Follow these steps to delete your Reddit history from the app. 

Step 1- Open the Reddit App

Open your iPhone and go to the application of Reddit to open it. 

Step 2- Open Your Profile

Now tap on your profile’s icon located at the top left corner of your iPhone screen. 

Step 3- Open Settings

You can see the Settings option on your profile section in the Reddit App. Tap on the settings. 

Step 4- Open Advanced

You can see the option of Advanced in the settings. Tap on it to open. 

Step 5- Clear History

You can see the “Clear local history” option in the Advanced Menu. Tap on it to clear the history. 

Step 6- Confirm

A Pop up will appear on your screen that says, “Confirm clear local history?” Tap on it to confirm the deletion. 

You have learned three ways to clear your Reddit history. You can apply these ways according to your conditions. 


Can anyone see my Reddit history?

Only you have access to your Reddit history. Only the subreddits you have interacted with are visible to other users you have added to your account; which means they had access to your Reddit posts and comments.

Can you delete messages in the Reddit App?

Yes, you can delete the messages on the Reddit app, but you can never recover them once they are deleted. You need to delete the messages turn by turn, on the Reddit App. 

Can anyone see your votes on the Reddit app?

Yes, some of the people you have added to your Reddit app can see your votes. You can go to your preferences in the privacy section and see who can see your votes. You can add or delete people or make a privacy setting to hide or display your votes.  

Finishing Up

There are different ways you can use to delete the history of your Reddit app if you are thinking about how I delete history on the Reddit App. You can use the manual, Android, and iPhone to delete your Reddit history. Once you delete your Reddit history, you can never recover it. We hope you learn to delete the history from your Reddit app through the steps mentioned above.

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