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How do I delete messages from Verizon?

Best Answer:
  1. Navigate to the My Verizon home page.
  2. Choose Account.
  3. Text Online.
  4. And then click a conversation.
  5. Click Menu after clicking on a conversation.
  6. Select Remove Messages from the drop-down menu.
  7. After that.
  8. Choose the message.
  9. You’d like to get rid of and click Delete.

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How do I delete multiple messages on Verizon?

Open the Message+ app and tap a conversation. Select a discussion. Tap Remove Messages after touching and holding one message. Select (check) the intended messages then hit the Delete button (lower-right). To remove all communications, click All (lower-right). to accept by tapping Delete

Does Verizon delete text messages?
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Verizon’s cloud backup system also keeps deleted communications. The cloud is a discretionary upgrade that must be set up and running in order to serve as a restore option. … The cloud may be accessed from any internet-connected computer via your My Verizon account on a mobile device or through a web browser on any device connected to the internet.

How do I delete all messages on message+?
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Open Messages Select “Delete all messages” from the drop-down menu.

How do I clear all messages?

Open a chat. Tap and hold on to a message you’ve sent in the last three hours. Select Delete for Everyone from the menu that appears.

How do I delete multiple text messages?

Hold down the message you wish to remove. Optionally, to delete multiple messages, first touch and hold the one you want to delete, then tap additional messages. Confirm your deletion by tapping Delete.

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How long can Verizon keep text messages?

Verizon: Keeps track of calls and cell tower locations used for a year; text message data are kept for up to one year, while the actual text message content is retained for up to three days; Internet session information is kept for up to a year, as well as Web sites visited.