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How do I delete multiple contacts on AOL?

Best Answer:
  1. To remove a contact from your address book.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. Select each individual contact or email address you wish to delete using the.
  4. Find Contacts drop-down menu.
  5. To find a specific contact type their name or email address into the.
  6. Find Contacts search box.
  7. Then check the box next to their name.

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How do I delete all contacts on AOL?
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To delete contacts, proceed to step 2. Click the ‘Contacts’ option in the left-hand navigation panel to begin. You’ll need to go through the list and deselect all of your contacts.

How do I delete contacts on AOL Mail?

Select a contact from your AOL Mail inbox and then choose Deleted Contacts from the drop-down menu. Select the contact you want to be removed. At the top of the page, click Delete.

How do you delete multiple contacts at once?
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How do I delete hundreds of emails on AOL? To eliminate thousands of emails on AOL, mark the checkboxes next to each email you want to remove, then hit the Delete button. Then go to your “recently deleted mail” folder and press the permanently delete button.

Where are my contacts on AOL Mail?

Go to the AOL Mail website and sign in. To view your address book, go to the left side of the page and select “Contacts.” It will display a list of all your contacts for you.

How do I remove my name from AOL Mail?
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Go to your account settings and information page. In the upper-right corner, click Edit. To change a data field, select it and then edit it. Click Save after you’ve modified everything as desired.