How Do I Delete My Activity on Google?

Almost everyone uses Google for many purposes like researching, scheduling, navigation, shopping, games, and others. We look for political news, recipes, vacation and camping destinations, and other information that people may need to know. But how do we compensate Google for this? It can access our data and track our activities. According to Google, it doesn’t sell our confidential data to any third party. However, the idea of it still terrifies us to an extent. All of this makes us ask, “How do I delete my activity on Google?

You can easily remove your history and activity from Google by following the steps discussed in this guide.

Using Google My Activity on a Smartphone

The information and data that Google My activity has can make us feel intimated. Google can track our location anytime, and this can let Google know more about our preferences, favorite places, and careers. 

To delete your entire activity on Google, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Open your Google browser, type, and enter the “my activity. google” page.
How Do I Delete My Activity on Google
  1. Now you are on the “My Google Activity” page. From the side menu, select “Delete activity by.”
select my Google activity
  1. You will see an interface titled “Delete Web & App Activity” and options: Last hour, Last day, Always, and Custom range. Tap “Always.”
You will see an interface titled
  1. The next page will show up a list of products. You can select all of them or a few of them as per your needs to delete your activity permanently.
The next page will show up a list of products
  1. Once you have selected your products, press “Next.”
Select Your Product And Press Next
  1. To confirm the action, press “Delete.”
To confirm the action press delete
  1. If you want to disable the activity feature permanently, press “Web and App Activity” from the same page, i.e., My Google Activity, and tap “Turn off.”
disable the activity feature permanently
How Do I Delete My Activity on Google

Using Google My Activity on PC

Make sure you are logged into your Google account. If you’re not, sign in to your account and follow these steps:

  1. Launch your web browser and search “Google My Activity.”
Launch your web browser and search Google My Activity
  1. You will land on a page like in the following picture. From the side panel, select  “Delete activity by.”
You will land on a page like in the following picture
  1. A pop-up saying “Delete Activity” will appear with four options. Click “All time.”
A pop-up saying Delete Activity will appear with four options and Click All time
  1. On the following page, you can select products to clear them out of your activity details. Once you have selected them, click“Next.”
Once you have selected them click on Next
  1. Now Google will ask for confirmation. Click “Delete.
Now Google will ask for confirmation and then Click Delete
  1. To turn off this feature, go to “Web and App Activity” and click “Turn off.”
To turn off this feature go to Web and App Activity and click Turn off
To turn off this feature go to Web and App Activity and click Turn off

Google allows you to select particular activities and items to clear activity through other drop-down menus. You can choose “by day” or “by product” from “Delete Activity by.” Furthermore, you can search for products to clear your history by using the search box on the My activity page.

FAQs on Google Activity

How do I set my history to delete automatically?

Open the Google browser from your Phone or Tablet. Go to the “web and app activity” page and tap “Auto-delete.” If it is turned off, select “Auto-delete activity older than” and choose from 3, 18, and 36 months. Depending on the time period you selected, Google will automatically delete your activity.

How do I automatically clear my history on my iPhone?

Open Safari and press Cmd+Comma to access “Preferences.” You may also reach preferences by using the menu bar. Now press “General” and choose the pop-up menu beside “Remove history items.” The history also gets removed automatically after a year or so.

Who can see my google activity?

Access your Google account and select “Personal info” from the left menu. Now choose “Go to about me” beneath the option “choose what others see.” Here you can see and choose who can view your info. For added privacy, you can choose the “Only me” option to block others from viewing your info.

Can Google still see my search history, even if I have deleted it?

No, Google cannot see what you have searched. However, it will know you have used the Google search function. If you want to put a full stop to it, you must delete your entire Google account.

What happens when you delete your Google history?

If you delete your Google browsing history, your history page will eliminate your visited web addresses. Furthermore, the new tab page will no longer show you shortcuts to those pages. Lastly, the search bar will not display any more predictions related to your past history. 

Protect Your Google Activity

At this very point, Google has made a solid place on the internet. People now have to protect the data that they wish to keep hidden from everyone by securing it. They can use Google settings to protect their personal information and history in no time.

We really hope that this guide helped you through the deletion process of Google activity. Check out our other article on How Do I Find My Old Google Photos?

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