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How do I delete my Bethesda account?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete your Bethesda account, you’ll need to contact customer service.
  2. They can help you delete your account and all associated data.

How To Create Bethesda Account 

How to delete Bethesda account

– Open this web page https://accounts.elderscrollsonline.com/account/clientDeleteConfirmation.php and press ‘Yes, delete my Bethesda.Net Account’ button at the bottom of the page ( or copy link to browser address bar ). If your account is under Bethesda protection scheme (it’s written above Delete My Account button) than it won’t be deleted even if you confirm that action. You need to contact with Bethesda support service by e-mail or phone number listed on Bethesda website in order to remove Bethesda protection from your account, only after that you can delete Bethesda.net account .

– Go to Bethesda website – https://bethesda.net/en_US/ and log in your Bethesda account (Not usual Bethesda.Net Account, but Bethesda Store Account) – You will see a menu with links ‘ Bethesda Support ‘. Select one of the options from this submenu:

Select ‘ Bethesda Technical Support’ option – If you have already purchased some games or game items on Bethesda Downloads Store then you should select other option: Select ‘ Bethesda Billing & Subscriptions ‘, here you’ll find information about removing Bethesda protection from your account .

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Do not use any automatic software for deleting Bethesda accounts ! These applications can damage your computer and affect work of all computers that are connected to local network, they need to be installed on each PC and they often can’t delete Bethesda accounts completely . If you use automatic software for Bethesda account deletion or if you manually write Bethesda databases with incorrect information, then Bethesda can block your account forever and your money will be lost ! Use only official website of Bethesda – https://accounts.elderscrollsonline.com/account , contact Bethesda Support Service by e-mail or phone number listed on Bethesda website in order to remove Bethesda protection from your account (only after that you can delete Bethesda.net account).


How do I reset my Bethesda account?

If you forgot your Bethesda.net log in details, click the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password” links from the login menu to get your username sent to you or reset your password respectively.

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How do I unlink my Bethesda account from PSN?

In order to request an account unlink, please submit a ticket at Bethesda Customer Support. Please be advised that not all accounts qualify for the process.

How do I log into my Bethesda account?

To log in to Bethesda.net with an existing account, enter your login credentials for that account and select Log In. To create a new account, select Create Account and enter your desired user name and email address twice.

How do I unlink my Microsoft account from steam?

Log into Facebook and click on the Connect with Friends button at the top of the screen. Click Steam and then Unlink Account to cut ties.

Do you have to pay for a Bethesda account?

If you don’t have an existing Bethesda.net account, enter a valid email address to create one for free here. When launching the game it will check for an account and prompt you to log in or sign up with your new email address.

How do I unlink twitch from Bethesda?

To unlink your Twitch account from your Bethesda.net account, follow these steps:
-Go to Linked Accounts on your Bethesda.net account (or sign in)
-Click the Unlink button underneath Twitch and confirm you wish to unlink

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How can I delete my Microsoft account?

To remove your Hotmail account from your iPhone, select the home button and then open Settings. Navigate to the Accounts option and select Delete now.

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