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How do I delete my blendr account on the app?

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How To Delete An Account: You must be logged in to delete your account. Go to your Profile and select ‘Settings.’ Click ‘Delete Profile,’ then click ‘Delete my account.’ Finally, click ‘Delete’.

How to Delete Your Blendr Account: You’re On Your Own

Blendr is a dating app. It allows you to chat and meet new people in your area, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Some people have found the perfect match for them through the app and are happy with their decision to delete their account. Others just can’t get over the fact that they’re never going to find someone special if they don’t put themselves out there, so deleting their account seems like an impossible task! No matter what camp you fall into, we’ll help you figure out how to delete your Blendr account—whether it’s from your phone or computer!

Steps to delete an account:

– Open up Blendr on your phone and select “Change Account Settings” from the menu. Select “Delete Your Account”“.

– Enter your password, then tap “Confirm”. You’ll be asked for a reason why you want to delete your account before proceeding. Tap on one of the reasons given (e.g., I’m not comfortable with it) or enter in a new reason of your own if none are quite right! Then tap “Send Request”.

– Wait until someone gets back to you via email and approves deleting your account. This process will take anywhere between 24 hours – 72 hours depending on how quickly they respond back! If no one has gotten back to


How do I delete my blender account?

To delete an account: You must be logged in. Log into the app, and go to the Profile section. Click “Delete Profile” then “Delete my account.” Finally, click on the Delete button.

Can I delete my her account?

To close your account from the HER app you must go to MY PROFILE, scroll down and select SUPPORT, followed by CLOSE ACCOUNT.

How do I delete my app profile?

To delete my Blendr account, open the app and tap “Profile” from the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.
Go to “Settings.”
Scroll down and tap on “Delete Account.”

How do I unsubscribe from her?

To delete your Her account on the app, open the Play Store. Find HER app ( Openeither Google by Play searching Store or. selecting Find from My HER app ( Apps).either by Navigate searching or to selecting Man Herage from Sub Myscript Appsions)., Conf thenirm the cancel subscription account is. as desired, and then select Cancel or Unsubscribe.

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