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How do I delete my clash Royale account?

Best Answer:
  1. If you would like to delete your game account.
  2. Please contact customer service for assistance.
  3. In the app.
  4. Select settings followed by help and support and then contact us.


How do I permanently delete my clash Royale account?

To delete your Second Life account, please contact Customer Support.

How do you delete clash Royale data?
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On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Games app.
At the top of the screen, tap More. Settings.
Tap Delete Play Games account & data.
Under “Delete individual game”, tap Yes to confirm.

How do I reset clash Royale on my iPhone?

When you first create an account in Clash Royale, you will be asked to sign into your Apple ID. This is a one-time step to ensure that we can provide the best possible game experience and if you tap Settings > Game Center from within the app, and see the option to Sign In with an existing Apple ID, then it means that your previous contribution has been taken care of. You are free to change this information by signing into iCloud.

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