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How do I delete my clash Royale account on iOS?

Best Answer:
  1. Remove the game if it is connected with Supercell or Google Play.
  2. Go to your Apps in Mobile Settings.
  3. Then clear data and restart the app.
  4. Your account will start from Training Camp.

Step 1. Turn off the game on your iOS device and then go to Settings > General> Profiles & Device Management. If using an iPhone, tap on “Trust Clash Royale.” If using iPad or iPod Touch, enter password for this Apple ID when prompted online. When the app is trusted, you will see “Clash Royale” among other apps in My Apps section of the profile page.

Step 2. Click Delete next to “Clash Royale,” which now appears as a standalone app with its own icon instead of within My Apps. Confirm delete by tapping Delete App button that appears.

Step 3. When prompted, tap on Delete in the dialog box that appears to confirm the deletion of your desired account. Those who own multiple accounts will be able to delete them all at once upon selecting “Delete All Accounts” from a drop-down menu.

You can also access and manage your Apple ID via this link: https://appleid.apple.com/. Password is needed when you sign in for the first time after navigating to a specific account. Only relevant information is accessible once login has been successfully completed, so there’s no need to worry about privacy issues arising from incorrect logins or other mishaps with passwords (try being more careful next time).

The above steps are applicable for both iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) as well as iPod Touch. Once the Apple ID account has been deleted, you can then create a new one to continue playing your favorite game on Clash Royale.

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Removing an account from your iOS device does not affect the progress of this game if you decide to re-download it in a future update. However, this Apple ID could still be used for other applications (such as MyNBA 2K18 or FarmVille). If you plan to play some of these games in the foreseeable future and do not wish your previous data within them to be associated with a different user name, consider creating a brand new Apple ID by using the above steps or any other method specified by Apple Inc.

How do I delete my clash Royale account on Android?

Go to Settings > Accounts & Privacy. Tap on “Google.” You will then be prompted to sign in (if not already signed in). If using an Android phone or tablet, enter password for this Google ID when prompted online. When the app is trusted, you will see a list of apps that are associated with your account email address (ex: Gmail) or that use this Google account.

You will now be able to see all of your Google Play store apps, including Supercell’s Clash Royale app. Tap on “Manage Accounts” or “Accounts & Privacy.” If the option is greyed out, then it means that you have signed in with a different Google ID or used an Android device before without signing in using your Google ID at all.

Tap on “Google” under Apps and features section to expand this list of applications that are listed with your account on the drop-down menu. When clicking this section, you will notice a list of applications that are related to your profile email address (ex: Gmail) as well as Google Play Store applications that are.

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Confused About how to delete my Clash Royale account on iPhone, iMac or Windows computer or laptop? We have provided step by step process to remove clash royale account from iphone, windows or any other device which you are using .

For those who want to understand the whole article then please read the below given instructions with detail.Its very simple steps for deleting your account but make sure that you follow all these instructions carefully. Also Read: Best Mobile Optimization Tips For A Faster Website.

First of all, you need to download iTunes software on your PC or Mac or iDevice. Then, you need to open the iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID. Once you have signed into your account, you will go to the “Store” tab which is located on the left top corner of your screen. Click on this tab and then scroll down until you see a menu option that says “Account.”

Now click on that option and it will direct you directly to a page where there are three choices available. “View Apple ID”, “Sign Out” and “Delete Account”. To delete an account from the device all you need to do is click on the last button which says Delete Account . It’s a blue colored button at the very bottom corner of your screen. A pop up box should appear on your screen which will ask you for confirmation. Click on the blue option that says “Delete Account” to confirm the deletion of your account. That’s all you need to do to delete your account from an Apple device.

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Hope this article helped you easily remove clash royale account from iphone, windows or any other device . Please share it with friends and family who are facing issues related to deleting their clash royal accounts. Thank You !!


How do I delete my Clash Royale account?

To delete your account, go to Settings > Help & Support then click on Contact Us.

How do I reset my Clash Royale iOS?

To reset your account, tap Settings > Game Center. If you see the option to sign in, change your Apple ID now.

How do I delete my Supercell ID on iOS?

To delete your Play Games ID, go to Settings, then find Delete Play Games Profile, and hit on that option.

How do I permanently delete my clash of clans account iOS?

First open clash of clans and open settings then click help and support. Then type “I want to delete my clash of clans account”. After this click on arrow looking icon on the top of your screen. The message will be sent to Supercell

Can I restart Clash Royale?

To continue your game in a new account, visit “Application Settings” on your device. Scroll down to the application storage options and click on ‘Clear App Data,’ then you’ll be able to log into Clash Royale with a new email address while still maintaining all of your progress.
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