How do I delete my Experian account?

Experian is one of the trusted platforms for providing accurate and comprehensive financial information about a person’s financial worth. If you are a lender, you must ascertain that someone can pay you back and you are not throwing away your money. But for those who have used Experian, you understand it is not the best platform, especially regarding charging for their services. You are in the right place if you have tried many times to delete your Experian account without success.

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Different Methods to Delete Experian Account

Once you have signed up for Experian services, it becomes difficult to delete the account if you don’t know the tricks. This guide will show you how to delete Experian using email, phone, or online.

Use Email to Delete Experian Account

Users can delete their Experian accounts over email. However, this method requires you to know your membership id and the email you used when signing up for their services.

  1. Use your mobile device or computer to open the email.
  2. Search for your membership id. You can check the welcome email Experian sent you when registering for the account.
Use your mobile device or computer to open the email.
  1. Compose a new email to  Experian support.
  2. Indicate your membership id, name, and email address, and tell them you want to delete your account. You must ensure you provide the exact names and email you used while creating the Experian account.
Indicate your membership id, name, and email address,

Use Phone Number to Delete Experian Account

Another method you can use to delete your Experian account is using a phone number and asking them directly to delete your account. Although this method is annoying, it is very reliable. No specific steps are followed when calling them because you only need to have their phone number 1-866-617-1894 and ensure you call them within working hours

Moreover, when calling them, keeping a tab of the representative name and date you called them in case you need to call them again when they don’t delete your account is good.

Delete Experian Account Online

Experian users who used to sign in can easily delete their accounts online. However, if during signing in, you were redirected to, then you cannot delete your account using this method.

  1. Use your browser to open Experian.
  2. Use your credentials to sign into your account after clicking the sign-in option.
Use your credentials to sign into your account after clicking the sign-in option
  1. Select the No option that will show you your Experian credit information when prompted to subscribe to other services.
  2. Navigate to the My Membership option and choose to cancel your membership.
  3. Enter the reason from the dropdown menu, and confirm the cancellation of your account.
Enter the reason from the dropdown menu,


Can I Cancel My Experian Account?

Yes. Experian users can cancel their accounts by calling Experian to delete them or sending an email. Moreover, if you created your email from inside the United States, you can use the online method to delete your account. Otherwise, you are left with the option of using an email or calling them over the phone.

How Can I Delete My Experian Account Through the App?

Experian launched a mobile application to enable easy access to their services through mobile phones, but unfortunately, they don’t offer an option for deleting your account. If you wish to delete your account, please use other methods like email, phone, or online if you signed in via Moreover, you can use reputable third-party services to delete your account easily.

Why is Experian charging Me Monthly?

Experian charges its customers monthly when you are not subscribed to a free membership. If you are being charged, possibly you chose a subscription plan when signing up. Moreover, you can check the subscription you signed into by visiting the Experian website under the My Account option. Also, if your credit monitoring program started without your knowledge, Experian may charge you.

Can I Stop Getting Experian Notifications Messages?

Yes. Experian allows users to unsubscribe from getting emails. If you wish to do this, you can navigate to one of the emails sent by Experian to your inbox and unsubscribe from there. You will see a link you can click to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email sent by Experian.

Is It Advisable to Link My Bank Account to Experian?

You can link your bank account with Experian depending on your finances. If you want to credit important financial information and credit history, then it is good to link your account to Experian. Moreover, users that have linked their bank account with Experian make it easier to get loans and credit in the future because of the credit score done by Experian. Users planning to take loans in the future are encouraged to link their accounts with Experian.


Experian is a wonderful platform that lenders and creditors should utilize. Lenders in the United States trust Experian when measuring clients’ creditworthiness. The only issue comes when you find a new service provider and want to delete your account. If that is happening to you, read this guide to discover the methods you can use to delete your Experian account.

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