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How do I delete my hangouts?

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If you want to delete your Hangouts on your phone, do the following.

1. From a phone settings option, go to apps and hangouts should be one of the pages shown next to all apps.

2. Click into information about the app, then clear its data or uninstall updates if possible. If not possible, just disable it entirely for now without deleting any old texts or images in case you decide later that you need these things again quickly before going through other steps of deleting it completely from your computer’s operating system

How to delete hangouts

Many hangouts exist on the internet; some you can hangout with, others you cannot. You may hangout with your friends by hangingout on hangouts or hangouts. To hang out, you must be invited to hangout first. Many of these hangouts are owned by corporations which have many hangouts and other hangout-related businesses such as hangout resorts, hangout restaurants, and plan to make a movie called Hangout: The Movie .

If you created a google+ account (it is better if this is so) then go here : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+HangoutingByGoogle . Otherwise try doing it without the hangouts by just using hangout . This will take you to google’s hangout page. Before hangouting on hangouts, you must hang out with somebody. To hangout with people they must first accept your hangout invite or invite into their hangout.

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If you want to make a hangout, then click on “Create Hangout”. You can choose what type of hangout it is: A private hangout invites only people you’ve invited; an open hangout invites anybody who accepts your invitation and a public hangout may have many people as long as they accept the invitation without any invitations required. If it’s in public, make sure privacy is not set to off—otherwise everyone can see it! If one of your hangouts is terminated, you can invite people to hang out on another hangout. To hangout with others, agree on a hangout spot and time; this is when the hangouting will take place. By then most of the hangouters should have come; if not then just hangout without them or help them hangout by going to their google+ profile and clicking “Hangout” from there. You’ll see an option saying that they need some help— just click it and you’ll be taken to their live feed video call web page! If someone has included a link in their hangout description, you can go directly to that website (if its related).

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How do I uninstall Google Hangouts?

To remove Google Hangouts from Android devices:

1. Open the Settings menu on your device.
2. Find “Apps” and then tap “Applications”.
3. Scroll down to find “Google Hangouts”.
4. Tap the “Force Stop” button, followed by the “Disable” option if you want to prevent future use of Google Hangouts on your device completely*.

How do I delete hangouts from my Iphone?
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Delete the Hangouts app
1. Find the Hangouts app.
2. Touch and hold the icon
3. To remove an app, tap on its name at the bottom of your screen .

How do I remove hangouts from my laptop?

If you want to uninstall Hangouts, just follow these steps:
Open Chrome.
Click the three dots at the top-right.
Select More tools, then Extensions.
Uncheck Google Hangouts in Extensions.

What happens if I uninstall hangouts?

Uninstalling Google Hangouts should have no adverse effects on your device. If you’re rooted, then it’s safe to remove the application without fear of error.

Is Hangouts safe to use?

Is Google hangouts safe to use?
Is Google Hangouts safe? Yes, all data is encrypted before traveling through the internet and any information is kept private.

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