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How do I delete my Hotpads account?

Best Answer:
  1. Deactivate your zillow account.
  2. By logging in and selecting account settings.
  3. You should then select deactivate account where you will be given a reason for deactivating the account.
  4. Finally, on the page that confirms request to end Zillow participation, select Deactivate Account.


How do I cancel my Zillow account?

Log into your account.
Go to “my Zillow.”
Select “Account settings,”
Click on “deactivate an account.”
Answer the following prompts to confirm.

How do you list on HotPads?
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If you want to list your rental, click “List your rental” in the top-right of the homepage.
Once you’re here, toggle over to the “Log in to Zillow Rental Manager” tab to start listing your property.

How do I delete my Trulia account?

After you log in to your Zillow account, click Account Settings and then Delete Account.

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Is Zillow a recurring payment?

The $29 application fee allows you to use your application for any rental property for 30 days.

Does it cost money to list on HotPads?

As a landlord, you have two options for tenant screening. The first is to conduct your own independent background checks that may cost more than the $29 fee and restrict the number of applications you can review per month. Alternatively, as an applicant, use Rentstool’s convenient service for landlords at no charge where there are no limits on applications reviewed in 30 days and credit and background reports are included.

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