How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App?

You can buy anything you may have come across in your life, like food, clothing, toys, machinery, tech equipment, mobile phones, laptops, and many more, on Amazon worldwide. In this article, we’ll explain How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App.

There are almost all types of products from worldwide brands available on Amazon. You can get any of these products to your doorstep using Amazon services. 

Sometimes you may face issues like excessive order history on the Amazon app. You want to give your Amazon account to someone from your family for some reason. At the same time, you don’t want to see what you have purchased from this platform until now.

This article will teach you how to remove your order history on the Amazon app with some quick steps.

So, let’s dig inside the article to explore what you might be searching for on the web to resolve your issue.

What Is Amazon?

Amazon is an eCommerce platform where you buy and sell all products under company rules and regulations. You can make your store on this platform o sell your unique products by listing them on the shop. There is no joy more than anything when you receive your Amazon delivery box at your doorstep.

How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App?

Things can get upsetting when you don’t want anyone to discover what you have purchased from this platform.

That happens when someone uses your account to buy any item on Amazon and suddenly finds your list of purchases. There could be another reason to hide your purchase history: you want to give a surprise gift to your loved ones who care more about you than anything. Your Amazon account may have logged into their smartphones as well.

So, to keep things out of trouble, we have given you a step-by-step guide to help you save your surprise for your favorite person.

Steps To Delete Order History On Amazon App

 You must follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience while deleing your Amazon history:

1. Open the Amazon Website

How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App

Using your PC or laptop to remove the Amazon website would be best because the Amazon app doesn’t show these options. You can also use the browser on your smartphone.

Open Amazon’s official website by searching it on the web. In the main app interface home screen, you will see the sign-in button floating down the accounts and list option; click on it.

2. Enter Login Details

Enter Login Details

Enter login details by typing your email address or phone number, then click on the continue button. After that, enter your Amazon account’s password and click on the sign-in button.

3. Open Accounts And Lists

Open Accounts And Lists

Once you log into your Amazon account, you will be directed to the product’s home page. You can see the account and lists option at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the reports & lists option.

4. Choose Your Account

Choose Your Account

A list of multiple Amazon features options will flow down the screen when you click on the account and lists option. There you must select your account option by clicking on it.

5. Choose The Orders Date

Choose The Orders Date

Now in the account settings menu, you will see your order history at the first option in the list. Click on the button to show the past three months’ record of your placed orders.

6. Choose The Desired year

Choose The Desired year

Now you need to choose the desired year to show to get the results you wish to achieve. 

7. Locate The Order

How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App

Now find your order of which history you want to keep away from others who have access to your Amazon account. 

As there is no option to delete your order history on Amazon, you must choose the archiving option to hide the order history. Click on the archive order button at the bottom of your purchased product picture.

8. Confirm Archive Order Option

How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App

You will be asked to confirm the process by clicking on archive order on the pop-up screen message. Do this process and recheck the list. 

Now the history of the order will disappear from that list. Not every person knows about this feature, so relax and don’t worry about that; someone can find out about this technique you may use to delete your order history on Amazon.

9. Message Amazon In Chat

How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App

Contact support through the app if you want to remove your Amazon order history. Open the app and choose support or help center. 

There is an open chat with customer care service. They will ask you about the problem. Tell them to delete the Amazon order history and follow the method they will tell.

FAQS on Amazon App

How Do I Delete My Shopping History On Amazon App?

You can delete your shopping history on Amazon by following the steps below:
1. Open the Amazon app
2. Open support center
3. Choose to talk with customer care service
4. Tell them to delete your Amazon history
5. Explain to them the reason
6. Follow the instruction to complete the process

Can I Hide My Amazon Orders?

Yes, you can hide your Amazon order on Amazon. Amazon allows its consumers to hide their order history by simply archiving them in the accounts and lists settings.

How Do I Hide My Amazon Orders History 2022?

You can hide your Amazon order history for 2022 by following the steps below:
1. Open the Amazon website on any web browser on a PC or laptop
2. Sign into your Amazon account after entering login credentials
3. Open the Accounts and lists option and choose your account
4. Choose the order by locating it by the year of purchase
5. Click on the archive order option


Amazon always brings unique features in its latest updates for its consumers. They have a massive network of customer care service providers that helps you to resolve your problem anytime. If you are wondering how I delete my order history on the Amazon app, read our guide above in this article.
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