How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App?

The majority of us use Amazon to order things online. Sometimes we feel like hiding or deleting an order history from your app. There can be many reasons why you want to fleet. Maybe the order can be a gift. Whatever the reason, you can easily hide the order history on Amazon but cannot delete an order history. Follow the step-by-step guide given in this article on – How do I delete my order history on Amazon App and hide my order history from the Amazon app.

This article includes a detailed guide on How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App. So let’s get started,

Steps to Archive your Order from your Amazon account

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the website
How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App

Go to your web browser on your computer. And search for the amazon website. And click on the first search result that appears. 

  • Step 2: Sign into your account
Sign into your account

After you open the Amazon website, log in to your Amazon account. And after that, click on Return & Orders at the top of your screen. 

  • Step 3: Select the order.

Once you click on Return and order, you can see all your order details on the screen. From those orders, the list selects the order that you want to hide from your order list.

  • Step 4: Archive order
Archive order

After you have selected the order, click on the archive order menu at the bottom of the screen. You have to hide the purchases one by one. We can archive up to 500 items. You can use the search bar to select specific orders.

  • Step 5: Confirm the archive
Confirm the archive

After you click on the archive, you get a pop-up screen. You gets the confirmation message in which you have to confirm, to archive the order. Once you confirm the order gets disappears from your order history.

How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App

By now, you know how you can archive your order on your Amazon Account.

FAQs On Amazon order history

How do I delete my order history on the Amazon app?

If you have bought something from an amazon account and you want to delete the order history from your amazon app. But unfortunately, you can’t delete your order history in the amazon app; instead, you can hide the order. 

How do you erase your Amazon history?

You cannot completely erase your order history from your Amazon account. Instead, you can just hide your order details. In order to hide your order detail follow the steps mentioned above.

How can I see my orders on the Amazon app?

Follow the simple steps given below to view your orders on Amazon aPP.

1. Open the Amazon app and click on the three-line icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. (Hamburger icon)
2. Click on the orders menu in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Now you can see your order details.

Can I archive orders using Amazon App?

No, you cannot archive orders on Amazon App. Amazon app doesn’t have the feature to archive orders. You must log in to the Amazon desktop version to archive your orders.

How can I unhide an Amazon Order?

In order to Unhide an order, you have to go to your account and then click on view hidden orders. Thus you can view your hidden orders. And to unhide them click on Unhide order option.


You now know how to hide an order on your Amazon account. Follow the steps given above to hide your order history. You cannot permanently delete your history; instead, you can hide up to 500 orders from your order history. In order to unhide your archived order, you just have to go to your account option and then click on archived orders. And then click on Unarchive order on the bottom left corner of the screen.

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