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How do I delete my other Facebook pictures?

Best Answer:
  1. Click your name.
  2. It’s a tab in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click the Photos option.
  4. This is located near the top of your profile page.
  5. Below is the cover photo.
  6. Slick Your Photographs to go there.
  7. Hold down your mouse over a pic and then click Edit.
  8. When prompted.
  9. Select Delete this image.

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How do I delete other photos on Facebook?
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In the post, place the mouse cursor to the right of the name of the Facebook friend. An “X” appears to the right of the cursor.

Why can’t I delete some photos on Facebook?

You can’t remove photos you didn’t upload to Facebook yourself. You can delete the tag from your photo, which removes it from your profile. You may also request that friends remove pictures from their respective profiles on Facebook.

How do I delete my ex photos on Facebook?
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Select the little grid icon that appears to view your wall. Find a photo of your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend. Just above the picture, click the three tiny buttons. If you wish to entirely remove the image, click “Delete.”

How do I delete other on Facebook?

Click the top right of Facebook. Click Your Facebook Information in the left column. From the drop-down menu, choose Delete My Account. After that, you’ll need to go to this URL and confirm your decision.

How do you delete a post on Facebook so no one can see it?
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If you want to delete a Facebook post, click the. the button next to it. If you then choose “Delete,” the message will be deleted from Facebook and no one, including yourself, will be able to view it.