How Do I Delete My PhonePe Merchant Account?

PhonePe is an Indian startup that provides a payment system and digital wallet in eleven Indian languages and is approved by the Reserve Bank of India. Customers can use this app to send and receive money, pay utility bills, and buy online. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do I Delete My PhonePe Merchant Account.

Also, company owners can set up a PhonePe merchant account to get paid directly into their bank account. However, if they decide they would rather not use an online payment system, they may simply cancel their PhonePe merchant account.

After a merchant account has been verified with PhonePe, the account holder is not permitted to make any changes, including but not limited to the bank account details. PhonePe does allow you to modify or remove previously added banking details.

Step-By-Step Guide To Delete My Phonepe Merchant Account

Let’s discuss the steps to delete the Phonepe Merchant Account. 

You can now use your mobile device to use the PhonePe Business app

Step 1: You can use your mobile device to use the PhonePe Business app.

How Do I Delete My PhonePe Merchant Account

Step 2: Then, at the top right, click the question mark. Once you do that, the guide will load for you.

How Do I Delete My PhonePe Merchant Account

Step 3: Choose the “I have a suggestion or some feedback” option. The “Contact us” link has moved to the bottom of the screen.

Simply submit a ticket stating You want to deactivate your PhonePe merchant account

Step 4: Simply submit a ticket stating, “You want to deactivate your PhonePe merchant account,” and get the ball rolling.

Step 5: After that, a PhonePe representative will contact you with instructions for closing your account.

FAQs On Removing My Phonepe Merchant Account

How to remove a bank account from Phonepe?

When you want to permanently delete your PhonePe account, you must first stop receiving payments through the service. For guidance, see below.

1. To access your money, use the PhonePe app and select “My Money” from the menu.
2. You can access your bank accounts by selecting Payment Methods on the following page.
3. To cancel a specific bank account, select it and click the Cancel button.
4. Click the “Unlink Bank Account” button at the bottom of the page.
5. If a pop-up appears asking you to disconnect, select that option.

Can I restore my deleted account?

The statutory notification that appears when you cancel your PhonePe account states that once the account has been deactivated, it cannot be reactivated. Instead, you need to sign up for a brand new account.

How to add a merchant account to Phonepe?

The PhonePe Business app is available for download in the following manner. 
1. Install the Phonepe business app.
2. Open the app and sign-up
3. Select the Join Now button.
4. Just type in your complete name and phone number.
5. Next, the GET OTP button must be clicked.
6. You will instantly receive an OTP.
7. You may either manually enter your full address or launch the built-in GPS to have it automatically detect your position.
8. Save Your Changes by Pressing the corresponding Button
9. Type in Your Company’s Name and Industry
10. Go ahead and hit the send button.
11. Choose the Bank Account you’d like to have credited with your payment, keeping in mind that it must be associated with the same Mobile Number.
12. The Messages app will be opened immediately, and your message will be written for you.
13. The same number can be used to send from.
14. When a message is sent successfully, the recipient’s bank information is synced with your PhonePe Merchant account.

How to deactivate the Phonepe business wallet?

Follow the instructions given below to deactivate the Phonepe business wallet.
1. To use PhonePe, download the app on your mobile device.
2. Then, at the very bottom of the screen, click the button labeled “Close Wallet.”
3. Here, you’ll need to touch Confirm and Turn Off Wallet to finish.
4. When you’re done, select “Deactivate Wallet.”

How to change your Phonepe Merchant account?

To change your Phonepe Merchant account, follow the steps mentioned below.
1. Get to “My Money” in your account menu. Furthermore, choose Bank Accounts from the list of Payment Options.
2. Choose your specified bank. To add a new bank account, go to the bottom of the page and click the “Add New Bank Account” button.
3. Setting up your UPI pin and retrieving your account information.
4. Put in your ATM or debit card information.
5. The new bank account will be successfully added.


Follow the steps above to cancel your PhonePe merchant account. You will no longer be able to accept immediate payments via the most popular means of receiving instant payments.

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