How Do I Delete My PhonePe UPI ID?

Applications like PhonePe have made the world digital by making payments quick and easy. UPI was introduced in 2016 and has been adapted by many for its many benefits in terms of receiving cash and making payments. When you want to use UPI, you need to create a UPI id in apps like PhonePe and link your bank account to make online payments quick. Once you create your UPI Id, you may find the need to delete it for various reasons.

If you find it hard to delete PhonePe UPI Id, grab this guide for quick steps!

How Do I Delete My PhonePe UPI ID

Delete PhonePe UPI Id using the PhonePe App

Once you decide to delete your PhonePe UPI Id, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the PhonePe application.
  2. Once you log in, go to the profile section and tap it.
  3. Go to the Payment Methods section and choose the bank account whose UPI Id you wish to delete.
  4. Go to the bottom and select the UPI Id settings section. All UPI IDs associated with the bank account will get listed here. 
  5. Select the UPI Id you want to delete, and on the right side, tap the delete icon to delete the UPI Id.

You may be required to verify yourself before deleting the UPI Id. Some credentials that will be required include your phone number and the last four digits of your debit card linked to PhonePe.

FAQs On PhonePe UPI id

Can I Unlink My Bank Details from PhonePe?

Yes. It is easy to unlink your bank details from PhonePe using the PhonePe application. You can unlink the bank details by opening the PhonePe app and navigating the home screen. Tap on your profile picture on the home screen, and go to the Payment instruments section to select the bank details you would wish to unlink from PhonePe. Once you find the bank, you will see an Unlink Bank Account option, tap on it and complete the process of unlinking your bank details from PhonePe.

How Do I Change the Mobile Number on PhonePe?

It is normal to feel the need to change the phone number on PhonePe, but unfortunately, it is impossible to change the number. Once you register with PhonePe, they don’t allow clients to change their phone numbers. If you feel you must have PhonePe with another number, you can delete the existing account and register another PhonePe account using the new number.

How Do I delete My PhonePe UPI ID?

PhonePe users can delete the UPI Id associated with the account using the PhonePe application. First, open the PhonePe app and go to the home screen. Find the menu icon, tap on it and go to the settings section. The settings section will have your UPI Id highlighted somewhere; once you select it, you will see a delete option. Once you complete the mentioned steps, you will have your UPI Id deactivated from PhonePe.

Is it Possible to Change My UPI ID?

Platforms like Google Pay allows clients to change their UPI Id using the Google Pay application. Once you open Google Pay, find your profile photo and tap it. A section will open, and payment methods will get listed on the page. Go to the payment methods, and choose the bank account whose UPI Id you wish to change. Next to the UPI ID, you will see a plus icon, tap on it and add the new UPI Id you will be using.

How Do I Change My UPI Pin on PhonePe?

If you wish to reset your Pin, PhonePe allows you to use the PhonePe app. Open the application and find your profile photo from the home screen and select it. Find the corresponding bank account from the payment methods section, and select the reset option. You will be requested to enter your card details, and a new One Time Password (OTP) will get sent that you will use to reset your pin.


The use of UPI is becoming famous for making payments quick. You can connect one bank account to UPI, allowing you to receive payments quickly. If you wish o delete the UPI Id on PhonePe, don’t worry because this guide has explained the steps you can use from the comfort of your house.

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