How Do I Delete My Purchase History On Amazon?

Amazon is a great platform to get everything you want, from daily essentials to luxury items. You can order anything you want from the platform without going out of your house, except picking up the order when it gets delivered right outside your door. While ordering your needs and wants from Amazon, you might also order some private items from Amazon.

When the item gets delivered, no one except you can know about it, but someone’s people might find out about it through your order history. You also might be wondering about hiding or deleting your Amazon Purchase History. So, let’s head straight to how you can delete all your Amazon purchase history.

Can I Delete My Purchase History On Amazon?

You cannot delete all your Purchase history from your Amazon account. You can Archive an order from your Amazon account and hide them from your order page. If you search for the items after Archiving them, they will show up, and you can look back at your Archived orders even after hiding them. But, if someone goes through your Order history, they can’t see the archived orders. 

Steps to hide order history from your Amazon account

  1. Open the Amazon website on your browser and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Select Account & Lists and Go to “Your Account.”
  3. Tap on Returns & Orders.
  4. Now, Go to the Order you want to hide, and just below it, Click on the Archive Order Button.
  5. In the Archive, this order pop-up. Tap on Archive order to confirm it.

If you want to check your archived orders, Go to Accounts & List and click on Your Accounts. Click the Archived Orders button under Ordering and shopping preference to find all your Archived orders. You can also unarchive your orders from the page.

FAQs On Amazon Order History

Can Other Household Members See My Amazon Order History?

Only Prime benefits and digital content like Prime and Kindle can be shared through Amazon Household. Any other account information will not be shared with any different account in the Amazon Household. No other household member can see your order history without logging in directly to your account. So, if you want to keep others from seeing your Order history, don’t share your Amazon login credentials or hide your order history from your Amazon account.

How do I cancel an Amazon order?

If you want to cancel your Amazon order, you can do it from your Account. Log in to your Amazon Account and go to your orders. Now go to the order you want to cancel, select return, and click Cancel items.

How do I download my Amazon order history?

Head to the Amazon History Reports page to download your Amazon Order history history history. Log in to your account, and then you can generate reports according to your order history. You can then download the Amazon Order history. You can also get insights into your overall orders and spending for business accounts.

How do I delete my Amazon search history?

You can also delete your Amazon search history if you don’t want anyone seeing your search history from your Account. To delete your Amazon search history, head to your browsing history. Now, click on the Remove button for each item you like to remove. 
You can also remove the search history from the Manage History and all the items of your search history.

How to Delete Your Amazon Movies And Shows History?

The Amazon Prime watch history records all the movies and TV shows you’ve watched through your Prime. The watching history can store up to the last 200 movies or shows you have watched on Amazon Prime. 
Everything you have watched on different devices through the account will be shown on the watch history.

To delete your Amazon Watch history:
Open the Amazon Prime Video page and log in to your account.
Select Settings, click on watch history and view watch history.
Now go to the videos from the watch history and click on remove. You cannot delete your history all at once as you would expect.

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