How Do I Delete My Purchase History On Amazon?

Are you a frequent buyer of Amazon products and are worried if anyone finds out your purchase history? Do you share a joint Amazon account with your family and not want them to know about your purchase history? Do you want to surprise your family members with Amazon orders but cannot do it because they use the same Amazon account? So, how do to delete purchase history on Amazon?

If yes, you have come to the right platform for your assistance. Read this complete article, and you will get all your worries vanished away from your mind. Here we will tell you how to save your surprises from getting spoiled. 

How Do I Delete My Purchase History On Amazon?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete your Amazon purchase history, but there are a few ways through which you can manage to hide your previous orders. Getting an Amazon household account is one of the easiest ways to hide your previous orders list from your family. 

Those who are prime members of Amazon can share Amazon prime with their family members. No matter how many adults, teens or elders are in your family, you can always limit your purchase history to yourself on Amazon Prime. 

This is because amazon prime offers you to keep your recommendations, purchase history, and lists separate. This way, you can keep your things on Amazon hidden from your family.   

How To Hide Purchase History On Amazon Without Amazon Prime Account?

If you do not own an Amazon prime account or membership, then nothing to worry about. You can still hide your purchase history from your family members by adding a seal to your Amazon account and hide your activities through this option. You can hide your browsing history, archive your orders, use the Amazon locker to deliver your products, and change your delivery address. 

Steps To Archive Orders List On Amazon.

Archiving your previous orders on Instagram will not delete them completely; however, it will hide your orders from the page. On the other hand, if you or someone search your archived items, they will show up on the order page. You can archive your orders in a few steps.

Step 1- Login to your Amazon account

To start anything, you need to get into your Amazon account. Login to your account and check the right side of the menu bar. You will see the option of “Returns & Orders” tap on the option. 

Amazon account

Step 2- Select the Items

After opening the option of Returns & Orders, select the items or orders you want to archive. Tap and hold on to the thing or choose the option of “Archive Order.” This option will be available on the left bottom of your screen. You can archive 100 orders to the maximum. 

Amazon Archive options

Step 3- Confirm Your Action

When you select your orders to archive, a window will pop up on your screen to confirm your action. This will ask you to verify that you want to archive the selected items. If you confirm, the order will immediately move to the archive section and be removed from your order page. 

How To Hide The Browsing History On Amazon

Another method to hide your purchased item list is your browser history from your family members. Through the trail of the breadcrumbs of browsing history, anyone can know of your purchased items. It can also give your family an idea of what you will buy. If you edit or hide your browsing history, you can hide your purchase history from your family. 

Step 1- Go To The Home Page

First, you need to go to the Amazon homepage and select Browsing history from your mouse. 

Amazon browser history

Step 2- Select the Manage History

You can see the option of Manage History on your screen. Click on that option. 

 Manage History on your screen.

Step 3- Hide Items

In this step, you can select the option of “Remove from View” to any option you want to hide from the history page. You can remove all the options from your browsing history or can turn off your browsing history. 

remove all item from view in amazon


How can you change your delivery location on Amazon?

You can write a new address before completing your order information on Amazon. You can enter a new address by clicking “Add address” on Amazon.

Can you return any product that you buy from Amazon?

This depends on the company’s policy that you are buying from Amazon. If your product is damaged during delivery, you can return and change it. 

Is there any Amazon locker?

Yes, the feature of Amazon locker is available that gives you free delivery. You can also pick up your package whenever you want. Your parcels are kept safe in lockers.

What are the charges of Amazon Locker?

The amazon locker does not cost any extra money from your pockets. You only need to pay the delivery charges for the product you ordered.


Nothing surprises the family more than a dusty carton that comes from Amazon. You can hide the carton, but you ask yourself, how do I delete my purchase history on Amazon? To answer that question, you cannot delete your purchase history, but you can hide it in many ways. 

Surprise your family with your gestures, and never let them know what you will be on Amazon if you share a similar account. You can hide or archive your previous orders and remove or hide your browsing history from your family.

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