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How do I delete my RuneScape account?

Best Answer:
  1. There are a variety of reasons why you may want to terminate.
  2. your RuneScape account.
  3. Unfortunately is no way to completely remove it.
  4. your RuneScape or OSRS account.
  5. You can request that your RuneScape account be permanently disabled.
  6. if you no longer wish to be able to access it.


Destroying My Runescape Account


Can I reset my RuneScape?

We are unable to “undo” or take away XP from your accounts for you. If you’re a RuneScape player, you may be able to remove some XP (this functionality is not presently available in Old School). Visit Nastroth in Lumbridge to reset your constitution, prayer, and defense if you fulfill the below conditions.

How do I delete my registered account?
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Look for information about canceling accounts on the website’s support site. You may also want to review the website’s privacy policy for more information on when the firm deletes data and how to request deletion. Contact the website’s customer service and request that your account be deleted.

How do I unlink my RuneScape account?
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Go to the Accounts panel in Account Settings and choose Linked Accounts. Login in to your RuneScape account. Select ‘Unlink Amazon’ from the drop-down menu.

How do you reset your old school RuneScape account?

Create a recovery request and provide your login (if you created your account after 2010, it will be an email address) Check for a password reset email in your inbox. … Select the link in the email and create a new password.

Did RuneScape delete old accounts?
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The game company Jagex is releasing millions of dormant Runescape accounts, allowing players to reclaim their previous names. This doesn’t imply that old accounts are being deleted, the developer clarified. Rather, it’s removing character names from dormant accounts and making them available once again.

Does my old RuneScape account still exist?

In old-school Runescape, everyone starts from scratch. Your prior statistics and account should still exist in Runescape 3, but you won’t be able to move them over. This is the correct solution.