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How do I delete my Shutterfly account?

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  1. To reach customer service via email, please send your message to [email protected] from the email address associated with your account. To start a live chat on the website, click
  2. “Chat Now”.

Unfortunately, Shutterfly doesn’t have a direct way for you to delete your account without contacting their support team by phone or email. You should contact the Shutterfly Support Team directly via one of the two methods below; in this case, it is best if you choose the email option since it gives you more room to talk about why you want out and how many years you’ve been a member. They will require that you provide enough information about yourself such as what sort of membership or account type (voucher/family plan) you had and when your membership was purchased at least so they can verify that your account is real and you are who you say you are. When they receive your email or phone call, if it’s possible to delete your account for any reason, they will do so. It may take a while though before the process is completed as it can be difficult with customer service over the phone especially because of language barriers with overseas support; either way, this method always works best when combined with the second “hacker approach” below.

What accounts have Shutterfly created that I don’t know about? Are there others that belong to me? Why am I getting spam emails from them? What information does Shutterfly share with third parties? How many people have access to my data on their servers? Does Shutterfly store my photos and other content somewhere in the cloud, or is it just on my local computer? Does Shutterfly have any security breach history? What if I am experiencing unusual errors with their website?

You can find your answers to these questions by reviewing this privacy policy from Shutterfly. There are a lot of important things to take away from their policies such as; they may share your personal information (like address) with third parties for marketing purposes, store photos and other content on company-owned servers that anyone with access to their database has access to, and that you should log into ‘My Account’ periodically just to check up on your account status. You should always .

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1-800-396-4811 or contact us online. Please have your account information available during the call so that the Customer Support Specialist can assist you with deleting your account. We are available Monday – Friday, 6am to 9pm PT and Saturday – Sunday 7am to 8pm PT. For your protection, verification of identity may be required before we can process a deletion request.

Please contact customer support (after you’ve closed your account) and we can help locate the order number of any image(s) in question so that they can be recovered. The order numbers should have been included when you received the email notice about closing your shutterfly account.

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Yes, deleting your account will remove any passwords you may have stored on the site. This information can be found by viewing the “My Account” section of your shutterfly home page. Clicking on this area should display a drop-down menu with all current account information including contact info and password for sign-in.

To cancel a photo book that has been billed to you within 30 days of purchase, please call customer support at 1 800 396 4811 or contact us online . Please have your billing information available during the call so that we can assist you in canceling this order. After 30 days from original order date there are no cancellations possible as stated in our.


How do I cancel my Shutterfly account?
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-1. Login into your account, find the (+) icon in the top right corner, and then click on Settings.
-2. Scroll down to Communications preferences and select which communications you would like to receive or not receive: email and postal mail notifications for each channel respectively. ***
Previous text: -1. Sign into your account, click on the name in the upper right corner and select Setting from the drop down menu.
-2- Click under “# of interactions” if there is a value selected (e.g., 12). Otherwise, next step is to choose how many emails/day you want to receive before unsubscribing by clicking “None”. Then choose a desired frequency such as 1 per day.”

How do I delete my free account?

Visit myaccount.google.com, and go to the left under Data & personalization for a list of options including: download, delete, or make plans for your data. Below these four choices are two different links: Delete your account or deleting a service or your account – select Delete your account from this list.

How do I delete all photos on Shutterfly?

Hover your cursor over the word project in the upper left corner of the Shutterfly program. When a pop-up screen appears, click “remove unused photos.”