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How do I delete my TeamSnap account?

Best Answer:
  1. You have a zero balance in your account.
  2. Email our support team to request the deletion of your TeamSnap ID.
  3. all active teams are deactivated and removed.
  4. Inform us that you want your entire TeamSnap account permanently deleted.

There is no way to delete your TeamSnap account. Once you sign up there is no way to remove your information from our database. If you do want to stop using the service, just deactivate or change your email address so you get removed from teams that are still using it. Then the best thing for us and for you is just not come back to this website again!

What happens if an inactive person gets added back to a team?

If somebody has been inactive on their account (their email address hasn’t logged in) but decides they want to be a part of a team one day in the future, we will send them instructions on how to rejoin (even though they have never left). Unfortunately there’s no way for us to know who you are, so we won’t send those emails to account owners whose email addresses are inactive.

I accidentally deleted the email with my login information. Can I get it back?

If you deleted the email with your login information already (not recommended), sorry there is nothing we can do! We don’t have anything on record except that it was sent and our logs show when it was received by your email provider. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, be sure to check out our security tips!

Why does TeamSnap email me invites to join teams if I’m already a member of them?

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Our invitations are only ever sent once per team. Every time you’re invited to join a team, we know that you’re not already a member of it.

You can always deactivate or change your email address so it is removed from teams and other places on the website where it appears. Then the best thing for us and for you is just not come back to this website again!

If you sign up anywhere later than 9am PT/12pm ET on weekdays, then your account will be saved and all emails will be pushed live as soon as possible. Other times during the day we push them out as they come in.

The games can take 5-10 minutes sometimes to appear once they’re added, so just give it some time and check back later. If there is an error, please contact your Registrar or Tournament Director immediately.

If you did not register yourself for the event and want to be removed from the system as a participant, please contact the Registrar or Tournament Director of your event! They are responsible for managing those records and ensuring only eligible players are included in their events. If they believe you are not eligible to participate in their event, they can remove you from the registration list.

If your TeamSnap account has been created but not yet verified, this usually means that we were unable to get a response from one or more of the emails you use on your current account. When both email addresses are confirmed and saved by adding them as emergency contacts, then we will automatically verify both at once. You should consider updating any backup or recovery email addresses if these remain unverified after multiple tries! Please contact [email protected] for assistance with this issue.

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You will be alerted when we have processed your report. If we are unable to confirm the status or do not receive any follow up information, then your case may be dismissed and you will hear from us again if new information arises. Please note that we may take action against members at our own discretion, even without receiving reports of inappropriate behavior! We reserve the right to remove anyone with a negative account status (like banned/suspended members) for any reason without explanation.

Who can see my personal profile?

The following people can view most of my personal profile info: All admins of the team(s) I’m on, all friends in those teams, and users who have me added as an emergency contact. My email address is viewable by all admins except in cases where it has been deactivated.

How do I stop people from seeing my profile?

To hide other people’s ability to find your personal profile at teamname.teamsnap.com, you can follow these steps: Go to settings and click on “Privacy” Scroll down until you see the item that says “Hide My Profile From:” Click on “Everybody else” and check the box next to that option You’ve successfully hidden your profile!

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How do I merge my TeamSnap accounts?

To merge your Teamsnap account with a linked account, go to http://merge.teamsnap.com/. Open the window that appears and follow the instructions it provides. Once you are finished merging, either close your browser or restart your device so that you can log in with whatever email address was chosen for this new merged account.

How do I change my email on TeamSnap?

How to Change Team Communications Email
To change your team communications email, follow these steps:
-Go to the Teamsnap.com home page and select My Team from the “My Teams” section.
-Select My Teams in the tab bar on top of selected top menu icon.
-Find your team by clicking the name below that is displayed to you when clicked into “My Teams”.
-Click on Roster in this new window and find your Member Profile (click Edit button). Underneath “Email used for Team Communications” click Save Button at bottom of screen

How do I update my TeamSnap account?

Log into teamsnap.com
Click My Account in the top right of your screen
Enter new password and/or other changes in the appropriate fields
Click Save to confirm

Can I have multiple teams on TeamSnap?

You can join more than one team.

How do you pay for team snap?

Log into TeamSnap.com in a web browser from a computer or mobile device.
Click your name below the team, then click “Pay My Fees with PayPal.” Enter payment information and submit to be emailed an receipt by PayPal.