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How do I delete my TransUnion account?

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  1. How do I cancel my TransUnion subscription?
  2. Services are managed through the company’s website, login.
  3. Type “Manage Subscriptions” in the search box and hit enter or just click on that link below to get instant access.
  4. Scroll down to find your subscription plan. Click Cancel next to your service type (current or past). Follow directions from there!
  • You can delete your TransUnion account by following these steps:

Login to the TransUnion website. Click on the “Customer Service” tab at the top of the screen. Once you are in this section, scroll down until you find “My Account” and click on it. On this page, locate “Cancel Membership” and then click on it. Select the reason for canceling your membership from the drop-down menu and click “Continue.” Enter your password to confirm the account deletion request and then click the “Submit” button. Your account will be deleted within ten business days.

You can contact TransUnion via phone at 888-909-8872, email at [email protected], or by mail at 2675 Lenox Park Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30324. For quicker response times, it may be best to use the chat feature on their website, which you can access directly here.

Do you have a TransUnion account? If it is time to cancel your service and remove all of your information from their system, you will want to read this article first. There are many reasons a person may choose to cancel their service with TransUnion, but the process itself is quick and relatively painless if done correctly. However, there may be an element or two you do not fully understand when doing so, which could cause problems in the future.

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Canceling your account with TransUnion is an easy process, but it may be a little intimidating if you don’t know exactly what to do. If you are unsure of the correct way to go about canceling your service with them, this article will help explain the entire process in detail and make it easier for you to get started. If you choose not to listen to our advice or attempt the cancellation on your own, here’s how things could potentially play out.

FAQ ;’

Can you cancel TransUnion Online?
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With TransUnion, you have two options for canceling:
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How do I cancel my TransUnion account in Canada?

Click “Cancel My Product” under General Information,
Under Cancel Membership Offerings, click on “Cancellation Confirmation.”

Does making a TransUnion account affect credit score?

Checking your own TransUnion report will not harm your credit score as it’s a soft inquiry. This has no effect on scores whatsoever. The VantageScore 3.0 utilizes a scoring model developed by all three major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion®.

How much does it cost to cancel TransUnion monthly?

The monthly fee is the one main disadvantage of using TransUnion credit checks. Out of all three companies, you will be charged $24.95 per month which is higher than with Equifax and Experian where it’s priced at $14.95 a month