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How do I delete my twitch account from my Iphone?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to twitch. tv
  2. Sign in if necessary.
  3. Click this link or type it into your address bar to go to “https://www.twitch.tv/user/delete-account.
  4. ” After that fill out the form with your reason for deleting your account.
  5. Hit “Delete account.
  6. ” Delete your Twitch account using this link or by past

How To Delete Twitch Account Permanently (Guide)


How do I permanently delete my Twitch account?
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If you don’t already have one, go to twitch.tv and create an account if necessary.

How long does it take to delete a Twitch account?

If you change your mind about account deletion, they provide a safety mechanism. After 90 days, Twitch will retain the account and permanently delete it.

Does disabling Twitch account delete it?
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It’s also possible to deactivate your account and leave all of your personal information on the site, allowing you to use it again in the future. It’s also possible to get rid of your data from the platform and wipe your account completely, although this option isn’t as obvious.