How Do I Delete One Of My Linked Instagram Accounts?

How Do I Delete One Of My Linked Instagram Accounts?

The Instagram platform has changed a lot in recent years. Sometimes, it feels like they’re trying to promote business models better suited for Facebook than Instagram. It makes it harder to figure out how do I delete one of my linked Instagram accounts these days.

Sometimes a fishy account gets linked to your main account. That can cause your account to get hacked. So to avoid these events, we have brought you a step-by-step guide that will lead you to get rid of your linked account easily and quickly. Remember, there is always an option to get back an Instagram account.

So, let’s dive deeper into the article to explore the easiest method to remove a linked Instagram account. Let’s get started!

What Is Instagram, And How Do I Delete One Of My Linked Instagram Accounts 

Instagram is a social media app that emphasizes sharing photos and videos. It first emerged in 2010 and has grown rapidly since adding new innovative features. They recently introduced Instagram stories and reels, popular features that helped maintain the app’s demand and popularity.

Instagram is a much simpler version of Facebook designed with mobile in mind. It allows you to share photos without worrying about your personal information being shared with the public. 

You can interact with other users by following them, letting other people follow you, commenting, liking, tagging, and sending private messages.

Sometimes, you don’t want your other account to be used for multiple reasons like spam or no usage for months, which means a useless account for you. Keep reading, you will get rid of your linked account soon.

Steps To Delete The Instagram Linked Account

These few steps will guide you to remove the linked account quickly, so please follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose The Switch Account Option
Steps To Delete The Instagram Linked Account

Open your Instagram account on a web browser. Click on your profile logo on the top right corner. Multiple options will appear, scroll down and click on the switch account option. 

Choose the log into an existing account option.

  1. Login to Your Linked Account
Login to Your Linked Account

Now put your linked account login details and log in.

  1. Select The Help Centre Option
Select The Help Centre Option

In the main profile menu, click on the profile logo and choose the help option.

  1. Choose Delete Your Account Option
Choose Delete Your Account Option

Here, you will see the option to manage your account on the left. Expand it and choose “delete your account“.

  1. Open The Link Given
Open The Link Given

After the previous step, three options will appear, then you must expand the second option showing, “How do I delete my Instagram account.”

Now, you will see some instructions you must read before clicking on the link. After that click the” delete your account link button”.

Give Your Reason To Delete The Account

Give Your Reason To Delete The Account

When you open the link, a new window will appear in which they will ask you why you want to delete your account. Select one reason and then re-enter your password.

  1. Confirm The Account Deletion
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When you click on the delete (your account name), the above window will show the date you deleted your account.


How do I delete my one Instagram account?

Here is how you can delete one of your Instagram accounts
1. Go to the official website of Instagram through a website or app on mobile or PC.
2. Put your login details and log into your account
3. Go to the Instagram help center, and they will ask you about the reason why your want to delete your account
4. Select the reason and confirm the deletion; the account will be deleted permanently.

Why can’t I remove a linked Instagram account?

You can remove a linked account quickly and easily by following these steps:

1. Open your Instagram app on your smartphone
2. Tap on the profile and go into the main profile menu
3. Open the settings and scroll down to all accounts, and click on logout all accounts
4. Now you will see the accounts login screen where all the profiles will appear that you logged in to Instagram
5. Tap on remove the account and choose the account you want to remove

Can you delete one Instagram account if you have multiple?

Yes, you can delete one Instagram account if you have multiple accounts. Just need to follow the steps given below:

1. Logout from all accounts from your Instagram app or on a web browser
2. Log in to the Instagram profile which you want to delete permanently
3. Now click on the profile logo and select the help option
4. In the Instagram help center, you will see the account delete option select it and expand it 
5. Click on the link showing delete account in the instructions
6. Now provide them the reason to delete the Instagram account and confirm it

How do you remove shared accounts on Instagram?

You can remove your shared accounts by going to your profile, tapping the Settings icon in the top right, and then scrolling down and tapping the “Shared Accounts” option. 
You’ll see a list of your accounts and the people you share with. To remove a report from this list, click the “Remove” button next to its name.

How Can You Restart Your Instagram?

Your Instagram app is broken, and you need to fix it. You can fix it by doing the following: Deactivate Instagram, enable and restart Instagram. 
If this does not resolve the problem, perform a factory reset of your device. Also, you can reinstall the Instagram app.


There is no other way to delete your Instagram account without taking some steps on the Instagram help center. So if you want to know those steps, you need to spend a few minutes reading this article from the start; that will help you a lot.

You might create an extra Instagram account in the past to test some tricks, but now you don’t need that account. If you are now wondering how I delete one of my Instagram accounts, here is a quick guide. From the start, check out this article and quickly get rid of your linked Instagram account.

It would be your last chance to see your account before deleting it. After that, all your account activities will be permanently deleted.

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